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Nov 18 / kkrizka Best Free Hosting

While searching for a free web host for my new site, ShareIt!, I came upon a company that somehow escaped my notice. This company is called 110mb and offers features like many simple PAID hosts. For example, you get 2000MB of space and 10GB of bandwidth. Also you can write your applications in eighter PHP5 or using Ruby on Rails, either of which I never seen any other free host offering. Let’s not also forget that your site will be ad-free, unless you add your own ads (which are allowed).

Next they are run by an actual company that has existed for 5 years now, so they won’t disappear overnight (This has actually happened two times to me before!). Also their main priority is to listen to member requests and so far this seems true. I have been satisfied with their service so far, but many members on the forum were answered and they even push out unrequested features daily.

So register for you free account now! Because when they get 2000 new users/day, they will add even more features!!!

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  1. Gumer Liston / Jan 28 2009

    It is not totally free, you can’t run a WordPress blog or anything that needs a database unless you pay for the activation of around $9. I have an account with 110mb and I shelled out all in all $18 for the MySQL database and the .HTAccess (for my custom domain).

    But I am satisfied with their service, it i better than most paid hosting services.

    Another good dfree webhosting is, they are really cool and really free and reliable. I have three WordPress blogs running in them, two forums, and one experimental online store. If things goes well in the next few months, I’ll upgrade my account :)

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