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Dec 3 / kkrizka

One of Reddit’s Weekly Top Karma Gainers

Image Hosted by As you can see I made the “Weekly top karma gainers” list on the ReddIt news site. And this is in the first week that I started using Reddit! How did I do it? Well, simply by using a web application that I’ve developed, called Sites2Regg. It’s main purpose is to gather links to articles from digg and reddit and compare them. Then it will show which links are on one news source and haven’t been submitted to the other. This also means one can find out which articles are “hot” to submit for a good increase in ranking.

What one needs to do first is to is set the filters on top of my app to display only the revelant results. Since I submit to reddit, I want sites missing from reddit. Also I want only the popular ones, which means only the ones that made the front page (in my case this would mean digg’s front page). So at the end I end up with a filter query looking like this: Display articles missing on ReddIt that made the front page and limit results to 20 per page. Then just click the button that looks like reddit’s logo to be redirected to the submit page.

But just submitting every link won’t cut it as many don’t fit in with the mentality of the other news source. For example digg has a whole section for videos that is updated very often. This means many videos make the front page, and most are just some boring scenes that people saw like 100 times. Such content isn’t fit for reddit as it dosn’t have a section specialized for videos. Only a few informative videos submitted ever get UP modded on reddit, so don’t bother submitting them. The next rule is read the actual article. It might be just some some brainless blog post based more on one’s option. Such sites tend to be popular on digg more than on reddit. On the other hand, reddit tends to get more simple content, but there are bigger amounts of it. Since only select few ever make digg’s front page, so it’s a good idea to check for the originality of the article you want to submit to digg.

In summary, my web app is very useful to find interesting links worth submitting. But just because it’s popular on one news site, dosn’t mean the other site’s readers will like it, so make sure to check the quality of the article before submitting. If I followed these rules originally I could have had a bigger karma gain than just +400. Also I have not tried this with digg, but I would not be suprised if there were similar results. If anybody succeeds with it, why not share thier experience with the rest of us?

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  1. Dev Basu / Nov 27 2007

    Hey Karol – Great concept with the webtool. It doesn’t seem to be working while retrieving the stories though. Any chance you can sort it out soon? – Dev

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