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Dec 16 / kkrizka Not Gone

I sent an email the 110mb web masters asking them about their current status of their webserver. Within minutes I have gotten a reply detailing what is happening. Apparently someone decided to misuse their free webhosting service to setup eBay phishing sites and eBay didn’t like this. So they decided to contact eNom, who is 110mb’s registar, asking them to resolve this issue. eNom acted as their policy dictated and pulled 110mb’s DNS without looking any further into the problem. The 110mb guys already sent an email detailing what the problem was and that there will be actions taken to prevent it from happening again, however eNom’s legal department is very slow to respond so it might take several days for to be back in operation. For now they registered a new domain,, which is a temporary measure so their users can still access their websites!

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