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Jul 1 / kkrizka

As several sites are reporting, the Open Edition f…

As several sites are reporting, the Open Edition firmware version 3.50 will not be released, and instead Dark_Alex will focus on hacking the latest official firmware version 3.51, which only fixes the “security” bug in Lumines that allowed PSP owners to switch to the Open Edition firmwares. However that is not the interesting part of the news! Dark_Alex’s team is reporting that they have discovered a built-in ISO loader in the official firmware! This confirms Sony’s plans to open an online store for download-able games and bring up an issue of piracy.
Now it’s going to be much easier to download PSP games on different P2P networks. Even if they will be encrypted, it might not take too long for someone to crack it and make them runnable on PSP’s right out of the store. I remember this being done with some of the demos released a while back that would only run the newer firmwares that were not OE edition.

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