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Jul 3 / kkrizka

AP Scores

The marks from my Advanced Placement Exams have arrived today and they were good enough. I scored a 5 on Calculus BC, Physics B and Statistics. Also I got a 4 (which still gives me university credit) on the English Literature Exam. This adds to my repetoire of credits from last year which include Chemistry, Biology, Comp Sci BC and Psychology.

Now comes the most important decision of what to do with them. Most people that I’ve talked to recommend retaking the courses at university because the work load is much heavier so it will help me readjust. While I agree with that statement and will be retaking several courses (ei: Physics), there are several that I’ve found quite trivial and I am afraid that I would bore myself to death taking them again. I will be skipping the first year Computer Science courses and one Math course for sure, and I might skip one more Math course depending on how difficult I find it. I believe that I have an excellent grip on simple applications of integral calculus, but I am not sure if that’s because my teacher made me do 20 practice exams or it is because I understand it. For the rest, I have to wait for a reply from the Student Advising telling me if I also receive credit for Breath (required to show that I have a “wide education”) and which course numbers I receive credit for. I will post this information here when I find out.

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