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Jul 12 / kkrizka

Simpler FeedBurner Integration in Blogger

FeedBurner users – we just added a feature for you. Matt’s post on the FeedBurner blog explains it more fully, but in short, you can now specify a URL to which Blogger will redirect your feed’s traffic. This means you’ll no longer have some subscribers getting your Blogger-hosted feed while others get your FeedBurner feed, and your subscriber count should (as a result) be more accurate.

That is the message that greeted me when I logged into my blogger account. This is very good news because integrating FeedBurner into Blogger is no longer a complicated proccess, that involes lookuping up current HTML code of your blog, knowing what to modify and where. All you have to do now is go into your Settings, and under Site Feed there is a new option called Post Feed Redirect URL. Just set it to your FeedBurner URL, and you are done.

What I’m hoping to see in the future is more of FeedBurner’s services integrated into Blogger. Not having to do the integration manually would be a great thing, plus I wouldn’t have to login to a different website just to view my statistics.

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