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Jul 13 / kkrizka

Evil Google Spam Filters

While filing through the spam in my GMail! account, I noticed an interesting email with the following subject:

Going Broke on Google Adwords? Try the Alternative

It was another email from “Entireweb Exclusive Mailing“, a newsletter that I signed up for when I was submitting one of my web pages to several search engines. They send out weekly articles on web money making tips and I get every single on of them into my mail box. Yes this one, suggesting to move away from Google Adwords as a promotion tool to another marketing company, was automatically marked as spam.

For those wondering, the argument that the article put forth was that the click fraud rate on Google Adwords is very high because of its popularity. So if one uses a less known company, there won’t be so many fake referrals and one saves money.

I cannot comment on the quality of the articles in this newsletter because I barely read it. I just scan over the headline and trash it. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that it was marked as spam.

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