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Jul 24 / kkrizka


I purchased a new computer today and I’m still waiting for all the parts to arrive, but the monitor was in stock so I got that. It is an LG 226WTX LCD monitor that cost me about $300, but it was worth it. It has a nice big surface and a native resolution of 1650×1050, so I’m happy. Also it has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, but I’m not really sure if it makes a difference for a person like me. Hopefully I will unconsciously see the difference.

For now I connected it to my laptop and it worked perfectly following the External Monitor on Ubuntu tutorial that I posted earlier. The only difference is that I had to click “Detect Displays” before I could configure it. That is because this time I didn’t restart X this time in fruitless efforts to get the monitor work.

EZ Zooming and Linux
The monitor has a feature called EZ Zooming, which according to a few web pages allows me to easily change the resolution (and thus zoom in). The drivers for this feature come on a CD, but they are only for windows. However there appears to be Linux support for it, at least according to this blog post. I haven’t tried it yet because it requires me to modify the xorg.conf file, which I don’t want to do on my laptop. I will wait untill I get the desktop PC to try it out.

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