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Jul 25 / kkrizka’s Rating Goes Down

I received an email from, which is one of my favourite free web hosts. It had the following subject:

MySQL will be terminated on your account, unless…

Apparently my databases will be trashed unless I do eighter of the following: pay a one time $10 fee or post 50 meaningful messages on their forum. While this sounds like a fair move, I disagree with their logic and I believe it will hurt them in the long run. Right now they are no longer a great unique web host with features that no one else offers, but instead just another one in million. Also 110mb has many negative points that place it below other post-first-then-free-host web hosting companies. For example they have no built-in statistics software and instead they have an affiliate link to a third party web site that every user has to insert manually into every web page. This leads me to leave 110mb, and instead host my projects with Freehostia, which I have reviewed in the past.

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