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Jul 26 / kkrizka

AdSense Enabled

Everyone wants to make money with their blog, and so do I. I tried to add the AdSense widget to my blogger account, but for a long time (three weeks) it kept showing the Public Service Announcement ads. Moreover, I could not login into the my account nor could I register for a new one! Perplexed, I decided to post a question in the AdSense group (thread available here) but it did not help. So I decided to email the AdSense support team. The email address was a quite difficult to find, so here it is for those wondering:

The next day I got a very professional reply telling me that I there was a past uncompleted sign-up attempt from a year ago, and they sent me an activation link. My account has been approved just a few minutes ago, and you should be seeing some real ads in a few hours.

I would like to thank Google for the very professional and fast response to my problem. They indeed are one of the best companies, and I recommend everyone to conduct business with them.

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