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Aug 1 / kkrizka

SFU Changes Requirements for Work Study

Work Study is a program at SFU that allows students to make money and gain experience while working alongside different professors in their field of study. This is something I really wanted to do, because networking with people (especially professors!) is really important for a student, and this seemed like a great opportunity. The first time I applied, I got denied because I made a mistake on the application. I did not know what my tuition will be, so I guessed by looking at different estimates on the SFU website. In the end my financial need was $1000. But those numbers are WAY OFF! Luckily I got another chance to apply after I made my schedule and found out my tuition. This time my financial need ended up being about $2000, so all seemed saved.

But now it seems like I still might not get my Work Study, I just received an email from the SFU advisers:

Dear Karol,Our office has received your Bursary/Work-Study application for the 2007
Fall term. This message is to notify you that if you indicated on your
application that you are not applying for government students loans, your
application will not be processed.

Please see the new Bursary/Work-Study policy below.

Effective with the Fall 2007 term the Bursary/Work-Study program eligibility
criteria has changed.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

To apply for a bursary and work-study you must:

1. Be enrolled in at least nine credit hours of normal graded courses or be
a full-time graduate student
2. Have a minimum 2.00 CGPA
3. Have a demonstrated financial need

NEW: In addition, domestic students must be approved for government
assistance from their home jurisdiction to be eligible for Bursary and
Work-Study funding.

International students in high financial need are required to demonstrate
that they have exhausted their own resources and explain the circumstances
that necessitate their application for Bursary/Work-Study funding.

Please do not reply to this email as it is a system-generated email and will
not be reviewed.

Financial Aid & Awards
Student Services
Simon Fraser University

Aww, seems like I need to get an student loan now! This might not be a bad idea, because I might be able to invest it, and gain back some money. My father is quite into investing right now, so that’s why I think getting a student loan will be no problem. After all, it was his idea originally!

The following are the requirements, according to the official BC Student Loans Website:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant (permanent resident) or have protected person status.
  2. Have a valid Canadian social insurance number that does not start with 0, 3 or 8 (these social insurance numbers are not eligible for StudentAid BC).
  3. Be a resident of British Columbia.
  4. Be pursuing full-time studies as your primary occupation.
  5. Be enrolled in an eligible program of study at an eligible post-secondary institution.
  6. Be able to demonstrate financial need.
  7. Make academic progress and achieve satisfactory scholastic standing in each period of post-secondary study.

Any average BC student should pass those requirements, I know I did. Now I just have to apply online. I have no idea how long the assessment period lasts, but hopefully it’s only one or two weeks.

For those wondering, my tuition is $2500 and books are about $650.

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