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Aug 3 / kkrizka

EVGA 8600 GTS and Linux

The compability of the EVGA 8600 GTS graphic card under linux is nearly perfect. When I tried to use the Gentoo Live CD, I had trouble starting up the X.Org Server. But after I finished my installation, and downloaded the binary nvidia drivers, X.Org Server started perfectly. The xorg.conf file that I used was generated automatically by running the “X -configure” command. No additional configuration was necessary.

As a bonus, compiz and the other compositing managers work without a hitch. I haven’t had them crash so far eighter.

I have not tested the free nv driver. But if someone has a report on it, feel free to comment.


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  1. Jared / Jan 18 2008

    how did u fix the x server issues?

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 18 2008

      The only problems were with the installation CD, which I didn’t care about. After installation everything worked perfectly.

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