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Aug 5 / kkrizka

CompuWorld Review

I stumbled on a new blog, CompuWorld, and since it’s offering free backlinks as a contest, I decided to write a quick review.

The blog is a mix of online money making schemes and news in computer technology. The posts themselves are very well written, and easy to read. I found several articles that were very informative to me, and I enjoyed reading them quite a lot. Here is a short list:

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your PageRank
This is a great introduction for beginners to PageRank. It describes how PageRank works, gives tips, and gives links for further research. Also each tip has a detailed description to explain it’s advantages and mechanism.

This Article Is Sponsored By YOU!
A new, unique way of monetizing your blog. The author will place a link to your website for just $10/month, right under the title. I find this a very original idea, and I would like to try it out sometimes in the future. However, I think that $10/month might be a bit too much to charge. I think a one-time fee of $10 is enough. After all, the traffic generated by one post will dwindle over time.

Buy iPhone For “99 cents” On August 9th 2007 At 99Only Stores
An example of good news stories. This is the first time I’m hearing about this deal. Lucky first 9 people to purchase this. 😛

Overall, the blog contains many great, unique posts. Also it is a proof that you can maintain a relatively popular blog on the side while you’re a full time university student, or busy with another job. I wish the author luck in the future.

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