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Aug 5 / kkrizka

HSBC Celebration of Light Results

Yesterday I attended the HSBC Celebration of Light. I t is the largest off shore fireworks competition in the world, and it happens every year right here in Vancouver. The fireworks itself are fired from a barge that is located several hundred meters away from the audience, which allows the organizers to utilize larger, stronger and more spectacular fireworks without specifying the safety of the viewers.

This year there were three countries competing: Canada, China, and Spain. All put up a great show, but there could have been only winner… Canada. :) The winner was announced yesterday at the Finale, the final show put up by all the three competing countries.

I did not attend the other nights when the teams were actually competing, so I did not have a favorite. But I think that during the finale, Spain had the best music, and the best fireworks were at the end during the Grand Finale.

Some links of interest on the official website:
Past Winners
Barge Facts

I will upload my pictures later, but in the mean time you can check out the Official Celebration of Light Flikr Group. Sadly I do not have any pictures of the crowd, but it was very very packed. It took my group about 10 minutes to move one block. That shows the popularity of the annual Celebration of Light fireworks!

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