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Aug 6 / kkrizka

Cheap Domains For Blogs And Other Sites

Having your own domain for your own web site is very important, because it adds to your proffesionalism. However finding a good domain registar that meets all your needs is very hard. I have tried to register with GoDaddy, but I did not want to post my credit card number online. What I wanted to do, is use my PayPal account to pay for it. But to my dismay, upon check out PayPal showed me a window asking me to “Add Your Credit Card”. I emailed the support staff asking about this, because I knew that I had enough funds in the account from freelancing, so that should not be the problem. Within the hour I got a reply explaining that GoDaddy required all PayPal account to be validated (meaning I had to enter my credit card information) to make sure my mailing address was correct. That’s when I gave up with GoDaddy.

A few days later I was updating my website on FreeHostia, and I noticed they offered cheap domain registration for $9.95/year. This was even cheaper than GoDaddy’s deal! I decided to give it a try, and in a few minutes I had a domain without having to use my credit card. What’s more, is that FreeHostia automatically set it up with a free hosting account.

FreeHostia is currently my favourite free web host, so I’m quiet happy that my blog is also hosted with them. They offer great service that many other free hosts don’t provide, and they have very reasonable upgrade plans.


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  1. ali hatukai / Aug 7 2007

    All True! i had the same problem! but i found other site
    this site is my favorite now!
    i will look up to freehostia too!

    • admin / Aug 7 2007

      That is quite a good find. Their domains are cheaper too, the just don’t offer any free hosting for your blog. But the prices for that aren’t too bad eighter. How do you find their hosting service?

  2. Piper / Jan 30 2008

    I’ve always used GoDaddy. They may not be the best, or even the cheapest, but they’re a big company and I trust that they won’t disappear or try to steal my domains through a contract loophole or anything like that. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting cheap domains with small services and then finding that the company claims ownership of all the domains they register (and you just get to borrow them).

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