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Aug 7 / kkrizka

Offering Link Exchanges

Having other blogs link to yours is very important, it improves your traffic, PageRank, technorati ranking and popularity. Many blogs gain links by hosting contests and giving away other prizes. However those are well established blogs, with a lot of resources and finances. The smaller blogs have to find their own ways, and one is exchanging link backs.

This is what I propose:

If you mention my blog on your blog, I will mention your blog on mine. All you have to do is link to, and use my name, “Karol Krizka’s Free Programming Advice” as the link text. You do not have to write anything else, you can even include the link among other links to other blogs. Also if I really like your blog, I will write a short review.

If you write a short review about my blog, I will do the same about your blog. You are free to write positive OR negative reviews, because both will help me. Eighter I get more visitors or I learn what I need to improve.

If you would like to exchange linkbacks with me, leave a comment or contact me.


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  1. ali hatukai / Aug 7 2007

    i added your blog on mine
    please leave mine on yours too

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