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Aug 8 / kkrizka

Free Programming Advice

I am a passionate programmer, and programming is one of my hobbies. As you probably noticed by now, it’s one of the things I like to blog about too. But sometimes I am out of ideas, so that’s where I would like your help. I’m offering free advice on programming to anyone who asks. This also extends to any programming work you would like me to do. All I asks in exchange is that I am allowed to blog about it (I will also post a link to your blog), and release any code I create under an Open Source license.

There are several reasons you might want to ask me for advice. You could be a new programmer, and you might be stuck on a problem. Or you could be non-programmer trying to add a feature to your personal web site. In those cases I could help to point you in the right direction, and maybe personally set it up for you. Finally, you might be a company looking for a programmer to modify your web page. Then I could tell you how long the project should take, and how much it should cost to be done. In some cases I might even do it for you free of charge! I’m also good at automating repetitive tasks, I creating different scripts and plug-ins for myself all the time. So if you want me to make you a WordPress plug-in, don’t be afraid to contact me.

This might be my hobby, but that does not mean I am an unskilled amateur. I have several years of Web Development experience, so I will be very helpful if you ask me about creating dynamic websites. If you would like to see my work, visit some of my personal projects like ShareIt! and CronGrab. Also recently I got into coding WordPress plug-ins, all of which are available on the sidebar. I would be very happy to create or modify any new plug-ins you want. Moreover, I have programmed in Tcl/Tk for a few years while I was one of the aMSN developers. I’ve also modified web pages for different companies. For example, I do a lot of programming work for Advanced Interactive.

You can send me any questions through my contact me form. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

I am also available for commercial programming, in the case you would like to keep the rights the source code I create. In those cases, I’m available via my GetAFreelancer profile for any custom work.


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  1. Garvin Lim / Aug 8 2007

    Lol, Karol.

    Looks like I’ll be in your CMPT 150 class, so I’ll be sure to ask you lots.


  2. azeem / Nov 22 2007

    Hi, I am interested in web programming.
    Actually i have experience in ABAP programming (SAP (ERP) proprietary lang ) .

    But I am interested in coding on the side.

    What should i start with?
    please guide me . You could also email me .
    I appreciate your help.

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