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Aug 11 / kkrizka

Part 1 of Abbotsford International Air Show Pictures

Some of you might be wondering about the “World Without Aeroplanes” post from earlier. Well, here is my explanation; Today I attended the Abbotsford International Air Show for the first time, so I figured what better way to start of the day than by sharing my essay that I entered into the Royal Commonwealth Essay Contest. The essay got the rank of Commended, and was sent to the next round in Britain.

The air show was spectacular, with several great acts including the Canadian Snowbirds, US Coast Guard demo and a flight of the Stealth Bomber. It’s quite sad to hear that this unique airplane has been retired this year. But the best act of the show was Kent Pietsch with his three part performance. First he run a comedy skit pretending to be a winner of a contest to fly on his airplane, but as he was starting the airplane he forgot to put on the breaks, and the air craft took off without the pilot. After several acrobatic stunts, parts throw of the air plane (including a part of the wing), unsucceful landing attempts and the wing scraping the ground, Kent landed the plane successfully, and the announcers introduced him. The whole thing was perfectly orchestrated, along with the announcers making it seem real, but funny at the same time. The next performance was Kent landing, and then taking off the world’s smallest air strip, or in other words his truck. That was amazing to see live. Finally, the Drop Stick act where Kent flew up as high as he could go, then cut off the engine, and coasted down while performing loops and other tricks. He is a very good pilot.

I also took some pictures, but I did not manage to get some of the better acts because my battery ran out early in the day. Some of the pictures are not too great, because this was my first air show so I was unsure of the timing for them.

Static Display

Part 2 of Abbotsford Internation Air Show Pictures: Canadian Forces Demo
Part 3 of Abbotsford Internation Air Show Pictures: Air Plane Flights
Part 4 of Abbotsford Internation Air Show Pictures: Kent Pietsch

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