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Aug 13 / kkrizka

FreeHostia Review Update

Here is an update on a free web host called FreeHostia that I have reviewd in the past. I’ve been monitoring it over the last month, and it has been only down a few time in the last week. However, those downtimes were announced on the forum, and they were to patch up buggy software. Also they have finally upgraded to PHP5!

If you need a great free web host, and don’t mind a long domain name, sign up with FreeHostia! Also they are a perfect place to host your blog, because they offer everything a blog needs, EZ Scripts WordPress installation and cheap domain names. This blog is being hosted by them, and so far I’m very happy.


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  1. emilights / Feb 9 2008

    At the moment cannot access any links to freehostia INCLUDING my website and email. Been contacting them by email through my yahoo email for nothing. Any help will be appreciated.

  2. emilights / Sep 19 2008

    My website is running but HAVEN’T been able to update my website since my last post. Transferringgggg

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