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Aug 15 / kkrizka

Review: Everyday Weekender

Have you ever wondered what to do over the weekend? Well look no further, because the Everyday Weekender has the answers for you. The author writes articles on what different people can do when they are bored. He covers topics ranging from food preparation to movie reviews. His WordPress theme is also very clean and beautifully designed; there are no flashy colors and everything is organized in a way that facilitates the visit. There were several posts that interested me.

The Simpsons Movie Review

This movie review caught my eyes because I also went to see the movie so I wondered what the author’s thoughs were. But I totally disagree with him, because I liked the movie. I though that the movie was quite original, and it was the funnies one that I saw in a long time. But the author has more authority on this topic than me, mainly because he is a bigger fan. Unlike him, I haven’t seen all the episodes of Simpsons.

Pay Per Post (PPP) Results

The blog also uses PayPerPost, so it offers an alternative view on the system. The author does a bit more in depth review of features that PPP offers, but overall his review has only positive things to say. Also he has written his first review that was ordered directly.

Increase Your Page Rank

The author is also offering free linkbacks for anyone that reviews his blog. That is one of the reasons why I am writing this review, and I hope others will join me in it. His blog is a PR5 blog, so getting a link from him will boost anyone’s ranking. His blog also has a high Alexa ranking, so the links will drive a lot of traffic to your own blog.

Rainy Day Cottage Movies

Movie suggestions is a topic that I always look for on the web. I like to watch movies while I program or write blog entries. From this list, I have seen just two movies: Dumb and Dumber and Spaceballs. I have enjoyed both those movies, so I will take the Everyday Weekender‘s suggestions for the other movies.

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