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Aug 17 / kkrizka

New Download Site

Steve is launching his brand new site: 1 Cool File. It is a directory of cool files(shareware, freeware, plugins). For example, you can try a new media player after you have just finished a music download. You can add your ebook about making money or a screen saver. That’s not all, it has a section just for blogs(plugins). You can also rate a file or make a review about it. It does support PAD files so tell authors about it.

And just by linking to the contest post, I can win $50. You should read the contest post to win 2 other prizes of $25/each if you don’t have a blog. If your entry is before the next Google page rank, Steve will double the main prize. So, don’t wait to long. It’s coming soon!
And one more thing… You can read Steve’s blog while there.”

This contest is definitely worth entering as it’s quite simple, the prize is good and your blog post is pre-written for you. There are also other methods you can enter if you don’t have a blog. See Steve’s announcement for more information!

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