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Aug 21 / kkrizka

Help Beta Test a New PSP Web Service

From time to time, I find different sites/podcasts through my computer that I want to try out on PSP. But they all have long URLs that are a pain to type out on the PSP. So I got an idea of how to make it a bit easier. The idea is this: A site where I can quickly send an URL from my computer to my PSP by either typing it in or using a firefox extension . Then I will be able to retrieve that link by navigating to my site with the PSP. All I have to do then is click them, and I will be redirected. If I bookmark this site of mine, then I won’t have to type in anything at all! What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

I know there are already bookmarking services that do this, but I want to make this one more geared for the PSP and quick bookmarking. This means that the links will be mobile browser friendly, there won’t be a lot of typing involved, and it will be a good place to meet other PSP users.

I have got the basic functionality working, and now I am looking for beta testers to help me test it. Since this is a web based service, you do not need a PSP with the homebrew firmware. If you are interested, then contact me, and I will give you the link.


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  1. xpand / Sep 26 2007

    What does a beta tester have to do?

    I can safely say I’m interested, but I do need to know what there’s to do.

    If the requirements are acceptable, I’ll be glad to help you out.

  2. xpand / Sep 27 2007

    I’ve just checked it out and it works quite well. I do have a few things to ask (and one to suggest) though…

    I’ll start with the questions.

    -Does everyone see my nickname in the quicklist?
    -If so, can everyone access my account without a password?

    Now for a suggestion:

    -If the answer to the above first question is yes, isn’t it possible to create an IP range based system?

    Ex. You go to the site on your own PSP through your own internet connection, and you’ll immediatly get your personal quicklist. You won’t be able to see other people’s, and they won’t be able to see yours unless they log in as you.

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