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Aug 24 / kkrizka

Upgrade Your PSP From OE firmware to 3.52 M33

After Dark_Alex retired from the PSP homebrew scene, many people thought it was the end of the custom firmwares released by him. But it was not so, a few days later a Russian hacker team called M33 debuted their own custom firmware, which has now superseded Dark _Alex’s OE firmwares as number one. They work very hard on this firmware, and they make no profit from it. So I highly suggest that you visit their page, and make a donation so the M33 team can continue hacking the PSP.

It took me some time to figure out how to install this update on my PSP, because of a small misunderstanding. When you download the Update #4 (M33-4) file from any of the PSP sites, it is not the installer. This file will only patch an existing M33 3.52 firmware PSP with the new version. To save people a lot of work, I decided to write this tutorial which includes all the necessary files in one location. But first we need to make sure that your PSP satisfies the basic requirements.

  1. Make sure you are running the one of the custom 3.x0 OE firmwares (or an older M33 firmware). If you are running the official Sony firmware, check out this forum thread on PSP Firmware Downgrading.
  2. Make sure you battery is at least 75% full. The simplest way to make sure is leaving your PSP charger plugged in during the upgrade.
  3. You also need a Sony Duo Memory stick with at least 128 MB of free space.

First download the Zip Archive containing all the necessary programs for the upgrade. The archive avaliable on this website includes the M33 Creator, 1.50 and 3.52 official firmwares, and the M33 Update #4 patch. They are all necessary for a successful upgrade. You can download it from one of the following website:

Extract all the files onto your PSP in the PSP/GAME150 folder. It has to be the GAME150 folder, otherwise the upgrade file will not start. Next disconnect the PSP from the computer, and look into your application tab in the XMB menu. The application you want to launch is the “M33 Creator”. Let it run for a few minutes, and in the end you should see a message telling you that the upgrader was created successfully. If you only see a black screen for a long time, don’t do anything. This is perfectly OK, because the M33 Creator is doing it’s work in the background.

The next step is to run the actual upgrader. Look into the applications menu again, and you should see another application called the “M33 Upgrade 3.52”. After you have run it, you will be shown a disclaimer and asked to press the X key to confirm. Then after a few minutes (you might just see a black screen again) the upgrade will be completed, and you will have to press the X key again to shutdown your PSP.

Now you have the 3.52 firmware, but you still have to apply the M33-4 patch. This patch will fix any bugs since the original release, and it will introduce a few more features. The procedure to apply this patch is quite simple; just navigate into the applications menu and run the app called M33Update #4. In a few seconds a message will tell you that your PSP has been patched successfully, and pressing X will turn off the PSP. Finally you have upgraded your PSP to the latest and greatest custom firmware.

Make sure to check back often for updates on M33 firmwares, and all-in-one packages! And if you come across any problems with this tutorial, I suggest you visit the urPSP forums and post your query there.


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  1. Marky Mark / Aug 25 2007

    Thanks so much. The pack was all-in-one that the link you gave was for, the instructions kept it “keep-it-simple-stupid” and it was so easy with the well written instructions.

    It worked perfectly!!!!!

    • Paul / Jun 16 2008

      i followed these intructions but cannot get the patch to run my psp is showing as 3.52 m33 i want to upgrade it to 3.71 but cant go any further untill i can get the m33 patch to work i am putting it in the right folder but not showing up on psp as an update i get a calender instead, and help is much appreciated

    • yes it works but read me!!!! / Jun 10 2009

      yes it works but the first upgrade took at least 10 mins or more to complete. i was just about to shut it off when it said it was complete.(nearly a big mistake there!!!). got to be really patient! all in all a good and sucessful upgrade!!!!! thanks!!!!

  2. hacksparrow / Aug 26 2007

    you should also tut folks how to revert back to 1.5 if they are unhappy with these m33 releases

    • admin / Aug 26 2007

      Sounds like a good idea, but I have never downgraded to 1.5 from custom firmware before. But I’m sure that such a tutorial already exists, I seen a ton of downgrading ones in the forums, so I’ll find a good one and link to it.

      • Andrew / Aug 10 2008

        I can’t find a firmware downloader. I’m running an official sony firmware 3.95. I’m a noob and need help.

        • tanis / Oct 18 2008

          you need to downgrade your psp to 1.50 OE o that it can run the updater without being blocked. i hope that helped…

        • genji / Dec 21 2008

          can u send me a link so i can do that? im just like the dude u replied to aboe

  3. mk1311 / Aug 29 2007

    your link doesn work properly, can you re upload to another place like sendspace or something?

    • admin / Aug 29 2007

      Works well here. Maybe they had a outage when you tried to download it?

      I have to go somewhere now, but I might be uploading a local copy that will definitely work when I get back. :)

  4. DataPiG / Sep 1 2007

    Thanks for the guide :)

    Is there another place I can download the zip archive from? I can never get more than 100Kb of the file before the download stops.


    • admin / Sep 2 2007

      Try the new download link. I have uploaded it to the local sever, so it should work 100% now.

  5. JT / Sep 5 2007

    I had copied the files into my PSP but can’t find the applcations tab!! I am running 3.40OE A :( Please help!!

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 6 2007

      The application tab is from where you launch your games and demos.

  6. ren / Sep 7 2007

    i updated my cw to m33 3.52 but now i cant run my iso games. where do i put iso’s and what do i do?

  7. Someone / Sep 7 2007

    What is the chance of bricking your PSP this way?

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 7 2007

      Since this version has been around for quite some time, all the bugs have been ironed out. This means that the change of bricking your PSP is quite low, as long as you follow the instructions to the dot.

      Of course, if you have a friend with a working PSP, and you manage to brick yours. Just get his help with the Pandora’s Battery to unbrick your PSP.

  8. Someone / Sep 8 2007

    I thank you sincerely, I am now the proud owner of a 3.52 M33-4 PSP.


  9. NOTORIOUS / Sep 8 2007

    I’m running 3.03 OE-C and I’m not sure if I can update directly. I know you said there 3.x0 OE. So… what am I suppose to do in this case?

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 8 2007

      You can upgrade directly from any firmware that allows you to run homebrew. :) SO yeah, your 3.03 OE will work too.

  10. NOTORIOUS / Sep 9 2007

    Hey.. thanks. I did it and it works really nice.

  11. Simon / Sep 13 2007

    Just wanted to say THANKS! I did it just as you said, and it works really well.

  12. Matt / Sep 17 2007

    Just wanted to say you helped me BIG time!! All your articles are brilliantly simple to understand and mightily useful.
    Thanks a million!!

  13. xpand / Sep 25 2007

    So… There’s a new M33 firmware out (3.71 M33). I was just wondering… Will you cover this too?

    I’ve already succesfully upgraded, but it mightn’t be that simple for other people.

    Now it’s just to wait for the 3.71 1.50 support patch… But knowing team M33, that won’t take too long.

    PS. Was quite a bit of a shock to see DA was actually part of team M33! Ahh well, now at least everyone can know for sure how good team M33 is. :-)

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 25 2007

      Haha yup, I haven’t been reading the PSP hacker sites in some time (due to busy schedule), so I was totally shocked when I saw the news on I’m going to update the guide this evening.

  14. Some Guy / Sep 25 2007

    If the PSP stays saying writing 3.52 firmware what does that mean its been doing that for 10 minutes and I have an OE firmware previously can I still recover it if it bricks?

  15. xpand / Sep 26 2007

    If the PSP stays that way, you probably bricked it…

    In order to update to 3.71 M33, you need to be on 3.52 M33-3/4. Although it isn’t in the readme, it’s been said numerous times.

    Do you know someone with a Pandora battery? If so, ask him/her to fix it, or try to get him/her to lend it to you to do it yourself.

    Good luck…

    PS. Is there a Pandora creation guide in the planning?

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 26 2007

      Yes, there should be a Pandora guide coming soon. My sister recently also got a new PSP, and from what I know it has a newer firmware. This means that Pandora might be the only way to downgrade it.

      Thanks for the info about 3.71 M33.

  16. KENTOY / Oct 1 2007

    Hi Karol,

    After updating to a cfw 3.52 M33-4, does this actually display 3.52 M33-4 on system software info? or it will still display 3.52 M33?…

    Basically how do i differentiate a psp with 3.52 M33 vs 3.52 M33-4?


    • Karol Krizka / Oct 1 2007

      It should display the -4 after the version, as far as I know. I don’t have a 3.52M33-4 PSP, so I can’t check. sorry

  17. XpanD / Oct 2 2007

    It displays 3.52 M33-4 in the system settings.

    Oh, and you might want to consider to upgrade to 3.71 M33 with the 1.50 patch. It works perfectly (although it doesn’t display whether the patch is installed or not).

  18. TheSukh / Oct 3 2007

    I just did the following update and got my psp to 3.52 m33-4 and i thank you for that now when i try running the 3.71 upgrade it says i need a 3.52 m33-3 or higher firmware to upgrade, can anybody help??

  19. XpanD / Oct 4 2007


    Seems like something is corrupt there… Are you sure you have the actual Patch #4 installed, and not just 3.52 M33?

    Do you have a Pandora’s Battery? If so, it might be possible for you to upgrade the hard way (through the UPDATE folder), with offcourse the risk of bricking.

  20. feng / Oct 6 2007

    Is there a recommended settings for cfw 3.52 M33-4?

  21. XpanD / Oct 6 2007

    Recommended setting? Be a bit more specific, please.

  22. tailwind / Oct 7 2007

    This tut is a great find for me, wanting to run SWB Renegade Squadron which will not work on my existing firmware.
    I am therefore wanting to upgrade from 3.40 OE-A to 3.52 M33.
    Following your instructions but my Memory stick does not have a PSP/GAME150 folder, instead it has a PSP/GAME folder. Should I use the GAME folder or create a GAME150 folder to extract the files to?
    I could try either but too scared!

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 7 2007

      The folder will not exist if you have not formated your memory stick while running the OE firmware, because it is their addition. You can create it manually. :)

      • tailwind / Oct 7 2007

        All up and running now, I am grateful for the help you have posted here!
        Two further comments to possibly help others, copy the folders directly into GAME150, and the M33UPDATE#4 appeared as an untitled application looking like a calendar dated 33.3.33, this is actually the update#4 file.

  23. XpanD (on PSP atm) / Oct 7 2007

    You should be able to safely create a GAME150 folder.

    It is strange that you don’t have one yet, though…

  24. tero / Oct 9 2007

    whenever i try running the 3.52 M33UPDATE it keeps saying “battery has to be at least at 75%” but my battery is more than 75%, the psp is even charging while im updating. how do i fix this?

  25. tero / Oct 9 2007

    nevermind about the battery thing i just had to wait for it to be fully charged. but i have another problem. after it updated to 3.52, i cant find the M33UPDATE #4. what should i do?

  26. tero / Oct 9 2007

    ok i found it. it was just the one with the calendar. hahahaha
    but i have a question, after i update it can i delete all the update stuff in the application? cuz it uses up some space, if i can please tell me how to do it properly

  27. XpanD / Oct 9 2007

    You can safely delete it.

  28. tero / Oct 9 2007

    i just delete it from the game150 folder?

  29. XpanD / Oct 9 2007

    Yep. You can just safely delete all the files you used for installation, even the generated installer.

    Just don’t delete flashO/flash1 files.

    PS. You could also just format your memory stick with your PSP, if nothing important is on it.

    PS #2. Did you know 3.71 M33 is out? Installing that, plus the M33-2 patch, AND the 1.50 kernel patches, might be good for you too. I myself find the new function to do things whilst listening to music very interesting. But hey, you decide. :)

  30. tero / Oct 9 2007

    where can i get those?

  31. XpanD / Oct 9 2007

    Where can you get what?

    Did you mean the 3.71 M33 files?

    You can get those files all over the internet. Check out Karol’s tutorials. There’s a lot of 3.71 M33 info there.

    You’ll need 3.52 M33-3 or -4, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you. :)

  32. Claus / Oct 9 2007

    Dark_Alex is M33! It’s long known. Check the web buddies.

  33. XpanD / Oct 10 2007

    I’m guessing (and hoping :) Karol will update this part of the site soon.

  34. Seka / Oct 10 2007

    Awesome Guide. Looking at other websites it look hard but you made it so easy so any noob could understand as well. Gotta love the firmware.

  35. tero / Oct 12 2007

    i just updated my psp to this version. the iso and games work but the internet browser doesnt, wen i try opening it it shows a blue screen that says sumthing about the default settings then hangs. how do i fix this?

  36. XpanD on PSP / Oct 12 2007

    I’d say something is corrupted… The BSOD is usually a sign of either a semi-brick, or corrupted flash memory.

    My only two ideas are:
    1. Re-install the firmware. A hard re-install with Pandora comes to mind…
    2. Upgrade to 3.71 M33. The installer can fix a LOT!

  37. sonny / Oct 23 2007

    Please I need some help: I just upgrade my PSP to 3.71 couple days ago and I can’t play my ISO games it said corrupted data everytime I tried to open it, but my music and video work fine .

  38. XpanD / Oct 24 2007

    Where do you keep your ISO files? In the ISO map in the root of your memory stick?

  39. sonny / Oct 26 2007

    Actually I did download 3.71 from PSP official website it wasn’t from m33 site.Anyone can help me to fix it please. Can’t open file under GAME>MEMORY STICK keep say corrupted data.


    • Karol Krizka / Oct 27 2007

      You going to have to find someone with a Pandora’s battery to downgrade.

  40. sonny / Oct 27 2007

    what’s Pandora’s battery? how or where I can get it.Please help. Thank.

  41. razit3 / Oct 28 2007

    Nice Tutorial!

    I am running custom firmware 3.10 OE-A.This is very easy tutorial.I am so glad that I found it.My previous hacking done by one of friend, but I wanted to this hack by myself and don`t know what are chance that this could get wrong and I can have my PSP bricked, even if I have done everything right.

  42. Muneeb / Oct 28 2007

    Definitely a very easy guide & I too have successfully upgraded from 3.04OE-A to 3.52M33 & then to 3.52M33-4

    However I am experiencing problem with now upgrading to 3.71.

    Even now my PSP states I have 3.52M33-4 however when I run 3.71 update it says that I need 3.52 m33-3 or higher, then the PSP restarts back to 3.52M33-4.

    Can some one plz assist ?

    • shoebappa1 / Mar 1 2008

      Hey, i had the exact same problem.

      turn the PSP completely off. restart and hold “R” to enter recovery mode. under configuration, change the “kernal” from 1.50 to 3.52

      i thought i had done something wrong myself, but this works flawlessly


  43. XpanD / Oct 28 2007

    The chances of having your PSP bricked are always present. By following this guide to the dot, though, you don’t have THAT much risk. I’d say you have about 95% chance of everything working O.K.

    Ofcourse, having a friend with a pandora’s battery (or having one yourself) can help in case something goes wrong. Then your security goes up to 99% :)

    Oh, and check out 3.71M33 some time. It owns! Just make sure you’re on 3.52M33 with patch 3 or 4 though, before even trying to upgrade.

  44. kwn / Nov 5 2007

    Worked like a charm (upgrading from 3.03 OE). One thing – is it okay to delete the M33 folders from the GAME150 folder once I am done or do they need to remain there? Thanks!

  45. rene / Nov 9 2007

    thank you soo much, i have upgraded to 2.52 m33-4, you’re the best! thanks also to m33 team! more power to you guys! you guys r the real deal!

  46. jason / Nov 20 2007

    Pls. help me my psp 3.40 OE-A upgrade to 3.52 M3 then i update to M33-3 the system of my psp hang up. Pls. help i’m hoping for immediate response…

  47. Eric / Dec 1 2007

    Will this method work with a 3.0x OE-c firmware version? I’m in desperate need of an update but I don’t want to mess up my PSP so I’m being SUPER-careful.

  48. RaZieLe / Dec 13 2007

    Hello Sir!!

    Sorry but i’m a newbie in PSP Firmware Upgrading or Downgrading. But could someone help me please??

    Here is my case:

    I have an old PSP type Fat . Version 3.52 ( I think its the OFFICIAL SONY VERSION )

    Then i wanted to update it to v. 3.71 m33-3..
    and i read your tut that i need an 3.52 m33-3 or higher version to do it…

    any instructions or suggestions to upgrade OFFICIAL SONY 3.52 to 3.52 m33-4??

    I acknowledge you site with greatness!!


  49. Erik / Dec 21 2007

    Hi ….I have been reading on sites like these all day…..ugh. This one seemed the most organized, but I still have no idea where to start….I have official Sony firmware 3.71. I checked out the forum link provided above…but I have no idea what to downgrade to??? if someone would be kind enough to advise me on what to do….I would really like to check all of these features and possibilites out, I just do not know where to start. Have a good one…

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 22 2007

      Hi, do you have the slim or fat PSP? If you have the fat, you need to downgrade to firmware 1.50. I compiled a list of guides here:

      With slim, I am not too sure because 1.50 does not exist there. However you still need to use Pandora’s Battery, which is what the above list of guides are for. I recommend checking out the forums.

  50. Reiki / Dec 24 2007

    Hi there. Thanks for the guide. It works! XD

    Though you might want to add that the calendar thing is actually the M33Update #4. ^^


  51. Art / Dec 25 2007

    I just upgraded to 3.52 m33, can I update that to m33-4 after the first upgrade or did I have to do it all at the same time?
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  52. Frank / Jan 5 2008

    Hi Karol,

    I apologize for a really dumb one: I installed 3.52 M33 from 1.50 following the tutorial and now the system information says FW 3.52 M33. Unfortunately I must have overlooked something because I can’t start anything from the stick – not even the Upgrade-4. It always comes back with error “The game could not be started (80020148)”. As this was my son’s PSP, I’m afraif I’m in deep trouble now. Is there any way out of this? Can you help to make it play?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


    • Karol Krizka / Jan 5 2008

      I don’t think that you bricked your PSP because it still starts up. :) Just make sure you placed the update into the PSP/GAME150 folder (create it if it does not exist).

      What other games give you the error? You might have placed it in the right folder (GAME352 vs GAME15).

  53. Frank / Jan 5 2008

    Thanks Karol,

    Creating the GAME150 folder did the trick!

  54. nathan / Jan 10 2008

    thanks so much! easy to follow simple guide.

    worked perfectly!

  55. Michele / Jan 27 2008

    Hey guys
    i just having a probs with my psp.
    when i try to run any game from my mem stick then it says “the game could not be started (80020148)

    plssssssss helpppppppppp

  56. jay / Jan 29 2008

    Hey guys, iv been searching everywhere for a solution and couldnt find a straightforward guide that suits me. And i remembered this forum and how many times it has saved my life, :)

    here it goes;

    i have a psp version 3.71, and i have to downgrade it. Apparently the only way is use ‘pandoras battery’, and i read you need another psp (Which i do no have/cannot get/borrow). So i would like to know if there is a way, and a step by step guide ( i can be a bit slow sometimes, bear with me please).

    I have 1 Gb memory stick and the original psp.

  57. Karan / Jan 30 2008

    hey guys
    i have a 3.40 OE-A firmware in my psp. i extracted the files in the GAME 150 folder but it still doesnt show me anything in the XMB application menu. i am in serious need of an upgrade. guys pls help me out as soon as you can

  58. insultcomicdog / Feb 1 2008

    I have a launch PSP (fat) with orginal sony firmware 1.5.

    I’m a bit confused b/c most tutorials are for PSPs with higher official firmwares.

    Your link on PSP downgrading is dead.

    Do I still need to “downgrade” my 1.5 psp to a custom 3.x0 OE firmware in order install 3.52 M33?

    When I used homebrew I used devhook, but I’ve been out of the scene for a while and the homebrew scene has totally changed.

    If you can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.


    • Karol Krizka / Feb 1 2008

      I am quite sure you can go directly from 1.50 to 3.52M33, since the installer still uses the 1.50 kernel code. I also think that I done the same before on my sister’s PSP, so it should work.

      PS: Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I’m going to find a new one soon.

  59. Insultcomicdog / Feb 1 2008

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    My 1.5 PSP doesn’t have a GAME15 Folder, so i made one manually and extracted the contents of the zip….

    My xmb doesn’t have an “applications tab” to launch the M33 Creator.

    So what I did was extract the contents of the 3.52 M33-4 into my GAME folder…

    I can then see the M33 Creator in my xmb under Games, but when I launch it it says “Game could not be started.” I tried with and without a UMB inserted.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Sorry for the noob questions.

    • Karol Krizka / Feb 1 2008

      You should have extracted it into the PSP/GAME150 (yup, create it if it does not exist) folder and not PSP/GAME folder. Also Applications tab == Games tab.

      • chumprock / May 16 2008

        I’m in the same situation as insult, I have a lunch 1.50 firmware PSP. I’ve downloaded your files and created a GAME150 folder, but the PSP does not see any games/apps from that folder. If I put it in the GAME folder I can see the apps, but they cannot launch correctly.
        Any ideas?

  60. huw / Feb 22 2008

    hello i am a complete newbe when it comes to psps in general. I have a psp version 2.80 how and where can i upgrade it to 3.52 m33-4.

    this site it well layed out when i do get up to scratch it can see this site being very helpfull

  61. tanwill / Mar 5 2008

    worked !!

    Any advise whether i should now upgrade to 3.71 ?

  62. Joe / Mar 10 2008

    How long does it take for the 3.52 to write firmware been waiting for over 15 min. light still flashin, says writing 3.52 firmware?

    • Karol Krizka / Mar 10 2008

      I don’t exactly remember, but it did take quite a long time. All I can tell you is that if it takes an hour, then something is wrong. :S

  63. marziano / Mar 22 2008

    tnx i can now play my cso games…your intructions is so easy..
    tnx a lot

  64. Miguel / Mar 25 2008

    Thank you! This tutorial is very well written.

    I am experiencing a problem. After i run m33 creator, appeared on the screen small white letters. But, after a while, it has gone completely black, with no flash lights indicating it is turned on (only the power orange light). Did it finished already ? or something went wrong ?

    Thank you.

  65. Miguel / Mar 25 2008

    Everything ok! my mistake!

  66. Gurpreet / Mar 29 2008

    i have a psp fat with official firmware 3.52 and want to change to cfw 3.71 m33. at one of the website i read a warning that a psp with the mother board no. as ic1003 which is same as mine cannot be degraded other wise they end up how can i change my firmware without degrading.

  67. CptBill / Jun 8 2008

    Great simple instructions. Nice work. Thanks!

  68. Mak Q E / Jun 20 2008

    Hi, does it format your memory stick in any way?

    ‘Cse I want to use the memory stick that I use for playing games and I am afraid that my Saved Data may be lost during the upgrade.

    • Karol Krizka / Jun 20 2008

      Just backup the contents of your memory stick to your computer before you attempt the upgrade.

  69. Mak Q E / Jun 20 2008

    While I was attempting to copy the files, I get the error: The device is not ready.

    Any suggestions?

  70. Mo / Jul 1 2008

    While waiting for the actual upgrade, i impatiently pressed up, left, down, right on the d-pad out of fear of the lack of response my psp gave me… Did this mess up my psp or should i keep waiting and hope?

  71. ben / Jul 10 2008

    thanks for the guide works absolutely perfectly – some advice – be PATIENT while waiting for the creator to run, took about an hour on my psp for some reason.
    thanks again

  72. doogie / Jul 24 2008

    I actually don’t think this guide is perfectly clear. I don’t know what directory to extract the files to because the zip file has multiple directories within it. Do I extract every file from every folder within the zip file to /psp/game150? Wouldn’t some of the files be overwritten? I want to try this, but I’m still not sure…

  73. Daniel / Aug 1 2008

    After I did all this I turned on my psp and none of the buttons worked, what can I do???

  74. Daniel / Aug 1 2008

    After I did all this, none of the buttons would work, what can I do?

  75. CheeyuSin / Oct 1 2008

    Oh dang thanks alot =D

  76. Emceejin / Oct 21 2008

    Ur links aren’t working so do i have to click on them or wat……plz help!!!!!!!

  77. Ed Ch'ng / Oct 26 2008

    Excellent!! very clear and easy to follow instructions.

    Thank you.

  78. vlado / Nov 11 2008

    Mozte mi poradit mam system software 5.01 a mal by som ho zmenit na M33.som zaciatocnik a vobec neviem ako to urobit spomina sa tam aj firmware.prosim poradte mi dakujem.

  79. genji / Dec 21 2008

    hey dude, i like ur tutorial, but, i tried to launch the M33 creator, but after about 5 seconds after i clicked, i get a message saying “The game could not be started. (80020148)” what does this mean and what should i do?

    • Seri / Jan 26 2009

      you need to creat a folder called GAME150, other than the existing GAME folder

  80. Stupify1984 / Dec 27 2008

    May the Spirir of M33 never fall! Thank You very much u have my blessing!

  81. jancok asu / Jan 1 2009

    thanks a lot..

    jancok asu raimu gateli

  82. esteban saavedra / Jan 13 2009

    man i thank you very much i love you for this i looked on the internet for days and finally i found it very clear and easy t understand i will tell my friend here in panama about your site

    se le quiere mucho y muy buena suerte amigo

  83. Seri / Jan 26 2009

    I’v looked everywhere and couldn’t find the answer? i upgraded my psp froma ver1.5 to 3.40 OE-A. when i want to run 3.52 m33 creator it keeps telling me “the game could not be started (80020148)”. now all the tutorials i see about this problem already have the m33 installed i think? it’s been a really long time i haven’t hacked my psp so i’m a noob now can anyone please help?

  84. Seri / Jan 26 2009

    NVM thanks alot i figured it out

  85. psp noob / Jan 31 2009

    i’m running in m33 3.51, but i cant upgrade it to anything else. when i try with the m33 creator for 3.52 it saids “the game could not be started. (80020148). would some1 pls tell me what to do here?

  86. fmdls / Feb 28 2009

    I have a PSP fat 3.03 OE-C. Do I still need a Pandora Battery & Magic Memory Stick to do this tutorial?

    I’m new so, I’m scared to try what I’m not sure about.


  87. GerT / Mar 4 2009

    Hi guys, I apologize in advanse, my system software is 5.03, do I need to downgrade firs and if so could I get a link. Please

  88. Limon / Apr 30 2009

    thanks dude, i have successfully done it without bricking my psp :D.

  89. marcneil / May 2 2009

    can anyone post pictures of their results.. i wan’t to see the features 😐
    sry. just not sure if i’ll do the upgrade properly.

  90. Squall_leonhart / May 13 2009

    hey pls kindly help me thx …. if i update my firmware from 3.51 to this 3.52 k i stil play my pirated game … pls reply i will apprecieate it thx man …

  91. Squall_leonhart / May 13 2009

    hey pls reply me this question thx man … if i update this firmware k i stil play my pirated games ?? pls reply thx man

  92. Dan / May 23 2009

    I tried this, but as soon as I run the first program, 3.52 M33 Creator, my screen goes black than turns off. Any help?

  93. chris / Jul 21 2009

    Yea me upgrade isnt working, when i go to a game from my mem stick, it goes straight to my umd. any ideas? before i upgraded i had 3.40 oe

  94. Xevin Taylor / Oct 8 2009

    Dan I kept running into the same problem and for the life of me couldn’t figure it out. After 4hrs of trial and error i found the solution. Simply format your mem stick and for safe measure restore your default settings. This hopefully gives you a clean slate to work with. Then drop the files as instructed into the game150 folder and you should be set. Hope that helps.

  95. cubortea / Nov 29 2009

    this is the cool update

  96. jafet oquendo / Dec 15 2009

    amazing how you explain the psp upgrading. thanks very much, in sorry for my english but i do my best.

    This help me a lot with my psp, I really thank you.

  97. Clark / Dec 18 2009

    Thank you… It really works…

  98. jester / Jan 6 2010

    my psp cant read games…..but it can read themes and MP3’s……what should i do so that i can play games???????????

    any suggestions or comments……….
    i need your help…………………………..

  99. ERTIBU / Jan 23 2010


  100. avinash / Mar 14 2010

    how to see which version i have

  101. milos / May 17 2010

    see system settings

  102. stijn / Jun 30 2010

    After the installation of M33 Upgrade 3.52 it said press x to shut down, i did…
    But now, my psp seems to be as dead as a dodo….

  103. sdhi / Jul 6 2010

    i downloaded the file at the beggining and it says the game cannot be started
    the data is corrupted

  104. sdhi / Jul 6 2010

    where can i get the extra features after i have downloaded


  105. sdhi / Jul 6 2010

    Thank you so much my psp is great

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