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Aug 26 / kkrizka

iBackup: Automatic Online Backup

Backing up your data is of the uttermost importance, but it can be a quite complex process in the home setting when you do not have access to backup tapes and other fancy hardware. One solution is online storage, a service offered by iBackup. Their software maps new disk drive to your computer, just as if it was a local hard drive. You can also access it as if it were an online drive, but in reality you are transferring your files over the internet to iBackup’s servers. You can also access the files you store on their system while you are on the road, because they offer a intuitive web based file manager. This way you will able to see your files from any web browser. There is also a special interface for people with Blackberries or other mobile devices. Let’s not forget that they also support the Mac OS X platform.

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  1. Jenny / Aug 27 2007

    Hi :

    One way of mitigating a risk of disaster is to have an online backup service. I have been reading about the online backup and storage industry for a while now. It is becoming a commonly accepted technology these days.

    For online backup news, information and articles, there is an excellent website:

    This site lists more than 400 online backup companies and ranks the top 25 on a monthly basis.

    It also features a CEO Spotlight page, where senior management people from the industry are interviewed.


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