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Aug 27 / kkrizka

Experiencing the John Chow effect

snapshot7.pngWhile checking my favorite blogs yesterday evening, I stumbled upon something that stunned me. My Kontera WordPress plugin was mentioned on the blog of John Chow, and visitors are piling in to see what all the fuss is about. Overnight I managed to make the same amount with Google Adsense as the entire total this blog made in its existence. And I’m predicting that the day will be even better, considering that most people will be awake.

Looking back in hindsight, this might not be as surprising as I originally though. It’s quite obvious that John Chow loves Kontera (most likely ebcause they gave him a personal representative), so a plugin that makes it easier for bloggers is very useful. Plus I wrote him an email asking him to mention it. 😈

On another note, I managed to discover the first bug in the plugin. It was a small typo, so I don’t think it’s worth releasing another version yet. So if the Kontera ads are not showing, and you are using the “default” setting in the posts, try to download the new package:

Kontera Integration v0.1


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  1. derek / Aug 28 2007

    Congrats on the John Chow effect. That is how I found my way here and will certainly be giving your plugin a try on one of my sites.

  2. zaki blogjer / Sep 3 2007

    Me too. John Chow is a little Google now

  3. Life is Colourful / Sep 4 2007

    I forgot how I reached your blog, but m sure it was not through John Chow. I think, I was looking for set of plugin after moving from blogger to wordpress and came across your plugin at some blog’s top 10 plugins. Wish I could remember the name of that blog.

    • admin / Sep 6 2007

      That’s good too, I’m quite surprised how many blogs linked back to me. However none of them had such an effect on my traffic as did John Chow.

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