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Aug 29 / kkrizka

PPC Advertising on This Blog With AdBrite

The latest addition to my blog in terms of advertising is an AdBrite banner. AdBrite is an advertising network similar to BidVerstier in that it allows you to pick which sites you want to have your ads appear on. Also they let you specify a maximum sum that you are willing to pay the publisher. Since this is pay per click, you will not have to worry about your ad receive too little impressions.

Since I just added this network, I don’t have any advertisers, so new ads will be quite cheap. Currently they are starting at $0.04 per click, which is a very low price. If you decide to advertise on your blog, your ad will be displayed on the front page in a banner right underneath the content of the post. This is above the comments AND the list of the related posts, which is a very visible area. On individual posts, the AdBrite banner is underneath the related links and above the comments. This is also a highly visible area, mainly because only people interested in the content of the site (and thus the ads if they relate to it) will look down to see the comments.


This is a fast growing blog, with it being mentioned on high traffic sites. Currently I receive around 200 unique visitors a day who see in total over 400 pages! This means that your ad will be shown at least a hundred times each day. Even though this might not sound as much as with more popular blogs, you should realize that you will not be paying a lot either. If you are interested, you can visit my AdBrite profile here.

If you want to try other advertising options on this blog, just check out my older request for advertisers.

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