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Aug 30 / kkrizka

SFU IMAP/POP Cofiguration For Your University E-Mail

Many people like to download their email to their computers, and SFU students can do the same. The university supports several protocols that will allow you to do this, however the documentation is spread out through different places, and hard to find in most cases. So I’ve decided to compile all the information in one place. I won’t provide any step-by-step instructions for a specific mail client like Outlook, because there is just too many to document. But if you know what you are doing, the following information will be enough for you. If something is not working, make sure you have turned encryption ON!


For receving your email, SFU has two options: IMAP and POP. IMAP shows all your folders as if it was local mail, while POP just downloads the messages from the inbox to your mail client. You choose the one that you prefer.

Port: 143
Encryption: TLS
Username: Your SFU Computing ID
Password: Your SFU Password

Port: 110
Encryption: TLS
Username: Your SFU Computing ID
Password: Your SFU Password

Sending (SMTP)

Port: 465
Encryption: SSL
This SMTP server requires authentication
Username: Your SFU Computing ID
Password: Your SFU Password


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  1. Eric Wang / Jul 22 2008

    Thanks for your tutorial.

    Also, when downloading emails with encryption, the secure POP3 is using port 995, and secure IMAP is on 993.

  2. Eric Wang / Jul 22 2008

    Thanks for the information.

    Only when connected through a secure link, the pop3 is on port 995, and imap listens on port 993.


  3. Patrick / Jan 3 2009

    Thanks for posting this, it’s so hard to find these setting summarized nicely in SFU’s help pages. Just thought you should know though that SFU has gone to their new email suite, so the imap server should be:
    and the pop server should be:
    All else remains the same.

    Also note that all email received after Dec 25, 2008 is only delivered to the new email suite, accessible through or an email client with the settings above.

  4. Ronnie Kwan / Mar 1 2009

    Very nice, I was able to get it going even with “limited” knowledge of outlook. Thanks a bunch, Google found me the right page haha.

  5. Kelvin / May 14 2009

    Thanks for supplying these instructions. SFU’s IT page should make an effort and include these pointers on their website.

  6. Richard / Jun 16 2009

    Thanks for posting this!!

    SFU’s website is useless

    Thanks for your hard work,

    it is much appreciated 😀


  7. david priest / Sep 9 2009

    Another “thanks.”

  8. Lawrence K / Nov 21 2009

    I am having a graduate account

    Does the above setting stay the same? I tried but it couldnt get connected.

    What about the login name? Just the username? Do I have to include the too?

    THanks for helping. Really frustrated.

  9. Charles / Feb 21 2010

    I am getting an Internet Security Warning with the IMAP settings in Outlook 2007. How do I get rid of it?

  10. Koj / Aug 1 2011

    Thank you so much for instructions!

  11. ananymous / Sep 27 2011

    What should be the outgoing server (SMTP)?

  12. Steven / Jan 25 2012

    Thanks!! I set this up on my android (Photon 4g with Gingerbread) and only had to use these settings:

    Settings –> Accounts –> Add Account –> Corporate Sync
    Email address:
    Password: your_password
    Use secure connection: checked

    and that’s it, everything else set itself up automatically. Afterwards just open the E-mail app to check your sfsu email!

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