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Aug 31 / kkrizka

Accessing the Recovery Menu on PSP

I’ve recently received an email about instructions on accessing the Recovery Menu on PSP. This menu is used my homebrew users to set different settings like ISO loading mode, Sony logo skipping, and setting the processing speed of your PSP. I have already briefly mentioned how to access this menu in an earlier post, but it was not very clear and detailed. So I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to it. In the future I will blog about different settings that I found in the menu, so stay tuned in by subscribing to my RSS feed!

Start by fully turn off your PSP by holding the power button for a couple of seconds. After the screen goes dark, you know it’s off, and you can let go. Then press the big R button on top, and hold it. Next turn on the PSP (still holding the R button!), and you will see the recovery menu. Simple, eh?


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  1. Alex / Jan 23 2008

    Hey, I read everything i could on this, but I still can’t reach my recovery menu on my slim psp. I have official firmware 3.80, I always hold the R button down when i turn the psp on (yes, on, not from standby) but the psp continues to the main menus as if the Recovery menu didn’t exist!



    • Karol Krizka / Jan 23 2008

      You need to be running custom firmware, not official firmware.

      • Alex / Jan 24 2008

        oh, thanks much!

    • jackie / Feb 24 2009

      go to ur game, but before u start your game, press select

  2. murma / Jul 27 2008

    hi,i can access the recovery menu but when i try open the configuration section the psp restarts any ideas? im on cfw 3.90m33-3. thanks

  3. kanashii / Aug 27 2008

    Alex and me have the same issue every time i started my psp while holding the r button it continues to the main screen. now i know the answer, i have to be in custom firmware. now my question is what cfw should i upgrade into?


  4. Mike / Sep 5 2008

    Does the recovery menu work with verson 4.5?

  5. Khronos / Oct 22 2008

    is their a way to downgrade my psp, because i have the official 5.00 and i don’t have a pandora battery.

    • gygias / Aug 16 2009

      download cfw 5.50 gen a, then gen b, install a first, then b.

  6. DrakX / Nov 18 2008

    I bought a PSP slim+lite last year in hopes of running a few homebrew apps I discovered on the net only to find that I need either a pandora battery and magic memory stick or a friend who has a fat psp running custom firmware. Is it possible to obtain the necessary files for installing custom firmware on my slim+lite via email or online without the need for a MMS or pandora battery?

  7. m0skit0 / Dec 16 2008

    First, to see recovery menu you have to have installed a custom firmware and not an official one.

    Besides this, the new motherboard TA88v3 shipped on some PSP 200x (like mine, 2004 G, OF 4.01) is unhackable by now, as Pandora battery doesn’t power up the console.

    Stay tuned!

  8. chupikoy / Feb 15 2009

    I have cfw 3.90m33, when i play nfs most wanted it startup but before the race begin the loading state just hang up. . .please help me,thanks!

  9. john / Feb 24 2009

    First of all I HATE TECHNOLOGY, i have been at this for 5 hrs now.
    I have a psp slim, version 3.80, 1GB pro dual memory card, and a psp 3.6V battery.

    I want to get games on it, it seems I cant get to the recovery menu without custom firmware, and i cant get custom firmware without accessing the recovery menu? Is this just a never ending revolving door? How Can I get CFW without it saying ‘the game could not be started. (80020148)

  10. Rj / May 3 2009


  11. josé / Jun 17 2009

    hey i did have the recovery and then I dont know what happen
    whta should i do

  12. nahj / Sep 6 2009


    I have a psp2000 5.00m33 but there is no recovery menu even if i turn it off and turn it on while holding the r-trigger nothing happen even when i press the r-trigger and the note. help me please

  13. peter / Oct 1 2009

    guys i just recently upgrade my psp’s software from 3.90 ms 33 to 6.10. i have gamers as a cso file on the iso folder. whenever i go to the game menu. it keep on saying there is no game. i’d cut and pasted my games to psp-game folder but still not working.. i tried to uncheck all the properties of the game and folder but still not working.. is it a software issue??

    • M.Tariq / Oct 5 2009

      dear if your problem solved please help me i have also this problem..

    • Hercules / Nov 4 2009

      You are using OFW moron. More like the software issue is your brain malfunction.

  14. M.Tariq / Oct 5 2009

    Hi i just recently upgrade my psp’s software from 5.00 m33 to 6.10. i have gamers as a cso file on the iso folder. whenever i go to the game menu. it keep on saying there is no game. i’d cut and pasted my games to psp-game folder but still not working.. i tried to uncheck all the properties of the game and folder but still not working.. is it a software issue??

    • edrdec / Dec 13 2009

      Worthless idiot ur on ofw

  15. TOMMY / Oct 20 2009

    i have a prob see my stupid brother updated psp to ofw 5.51 what should i do now??? i tried chickhen and other stuff but i always screw up something!HELP PLEASE.

  16. James / Oct 25 2009

    I got a PSP Phat v6.10 and a 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo. I still couldn’t get into the “Recovery Menu” and I also have a problem finding the “CSO” games I downloaded. I did everything the net told me. The damn games still doesn’t show! PLEASE HELP… :-)

  17. Danny / Nov 11 2009

    you need to install cfw. you need to downgrade or flash over the 6.10ofw. there are several ways to do this but the easiest I have found is by making a pandora. the reason the cso wont show is cause your running ofw.

  18. Muhammad Tariq / Dec 14 2009

    i know about this so simple i want to know how recovery menu put-up in psp…

  19. Saad Ali / Dec 26 2009

    HI, i just bought my psp slim and accidently updated it (officially) to 6.20. I don’t have a pandora battery and i cant open any game or software….PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

  20. etcelik / Jan 30 2010

    same problem.

    I have PSP-1004 and 6.20 OFW and 4 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. How can I run games from Memory Stick. (downgrading, HEN, Timemachine or smthg)

    Dear Friend

    Hello from Turkiye. I need help. Here is my PSP and my friends’ PSP Properities. I need help to downgrade my PSP-1004 6.20 FW to 5.03 CFW or HEN something else to play games from Memory Stick.

    I dont know that My Memory Stick is Magic or my battery is Pandora.

    Please help me step by step.

    [B]My PSP[/B]

    DATE CODE : 5D
    PSP-110 Batarya
    4 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo var.
    System : 6.20
    DC 5V 1.2 A
    seri : FC*****51

    PSP-110 – Li-ion
    3.6V 1800mAh

    [B]Friend 1[/B]

    DATE CODE : 8C
    PSP-S110 Batarya
    2 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo var.
    System : 5.50

    [B]Friend 2[/B]

    DATE CODE : 9A
    PSP-S110 Batarya
    1 GB MemoryStick Pro Duo var.
    System : 5.50

  21. angels / Jan 31 2010

    hi all , i have a psp 2004, slim&light system software is 5.03 MHU i can’t open Recovery Menu i have problem at oppening some games “game could not be started PLSS HELP

  22. thatguy / Feb 9 2010

    dude u know y it doesnt works its because u need a custom firmware not official……anyways i have the same problem but for now we cant do anything cause there is no cfw for 6.10 and 6.20

  23. andrew / Mar 6 2010

    I upgraded my psp to 5.50 and now i cant open my recovery setting even when press the select button. i need help please

  24. Carlguy / Mar 6 2010

    Um does anyone know how to downgrade 5.70?

  25. shamar / Apr 1 2010

    am i was upgrading to 5.50 gen n my psp 2001 jus cut out can u tell me what can i do to get it to work again

  26. shamar / Apr 1 2010

    am i need help i was upgrading my psp to 5.50 gen on psp 2001 and it jus cut out acan u tell me what i can do to get itt to work again

  27. grace / Apr 30 2010

    i would like to ask for help becoz my son accidentally update the system of his psp version 5.50, when i checked it the system version is 6.20 all the games that stored to his psp gone pls help me thanks, what should i do?

  28. manwani / May 5 2010

    use MHUspeed3.rar its the best

  29. quawn / May 26 2010

    if i downloaded a game and whent to the recovery menu and the plugins are not there for me to Plugins enabled wht do i do?

  30. quawn / May 26 2010

    cuz i dont get it?

  31. salah / May 27 2010

    flashe psp

  32. hen dos / Jun 18 2010

    We like to place it right beside the “Checkout” button, as in the example above. We found that works better than placing it at the bottom of the page.

  33. hen parties / Jun 23 2010

    Hi, i have a custom firmware 3.51 m33, i have purchased fifa 2009.When i try to start the umd i get a message prompting me to download the official firmware 405.This firmware is on the fifa umd.

  34. marteene / Jun 29 2010

    My Psp recovery menu wont show even if i press select or even if i hold the power button and r button at the same time, what should i do? please help me, pls…

  35. marteene / Jun 29 2010

    by the way i have a 5.03 gen-c firmware and its a PSP 2000, pls help!!

  36. Josh / Jul 8 2010

    Hi i have a PSP 3k with 5.03M33-6 firmware and i cannot reach the recovery mode, every time i turn my PSP of completely, then turn it back on with the R button, it just loads back up with original firmware.
    Please, what do i do?

  37. anthony / Aug 4 2010

    hey i hacked my psp and i changed some settings in my recovery menu and now my gpsp wont start and any psp games on my psp wont play can u help respond please

  38. L / Sep 4 2010

    i upgrade my psp 3000 with 5.00 m33 to version 6.31 but this time i cant access my recovery menu.WHY?

  39. toots / Sep 16 2010

    i went to it its cool finaly ha!!

  40. sanndroo / Sep 27 2010

    i have psp 1004 with 5.50 vsh and can you tell me how to i go on recovery menu on psp(it is problem about “the game could not be started.80020148)

  41. irving cruz / Oct 15 2010

    thanks alot dude i lost the battery so i thought i could’nt excess the menu i was about to smash my psp with a hammer lol thanks :)

  42. oops23 / Oct 20 2010

    dude my psp resarts…but can’t get to recovery menu…my cfw is 5.03gen c

  43. MyPSPSUCKS! / Oct 31 2010

    hi.. i have been trying to instal freecheat to my psp cfm 5.50 GEN D-3.. I did everything the web said.. but aftr i enter my plugins n went to recovery menu.. i cant see any plugins in the plugin section in the menu.. Help plss.. Wads wrong with my psp?

  44. Adrian / Nov 3 2010

    people i know this is stupid but how do i get custum filmware and which version

  45. Adrian / Nov 3 2010

    i have a psp 3001 so what EXACTLY do i need to get or download

  46. xtine / Nov 10 2010

    my psp 3001 just doesnt start up. it hangs and just says intial setup thats it. Guys I need your help. Is this just a software problem or hardware problem?

  47. Dani / Nov 14 2010

    I just download PES2011 game. As I start the game it shows ‘ The game could not be started (80020148)’. What can I do?

    Model PSP-2006
    System software 3.71 M33-2

  48. Zefram / Dec 17 2010

    I have slim PSP 3001 with 5.03 Gen C (thru ChickHen R2) and I can’t get into Recovery Menu. I turn off PSP completely, hold R button turn it on, get Sony logo and then PSP gets turn on as usual (except I have to redo whole Chickhen R2 and Gen C start up)

  49. bxxxxxxk / Dec 22 2010

    i would like to ask for help becoz i accidentally update the system of his psp version 5.50 , when i checked it the system version 5.50 all the games and the update mod that i stored to my psp all becomecorrupted my psp2001 red colour pls help me thanks, what should i do?

  50. Lord Bwodgeron / Dec 27 2010

    wat is custom firmware and how do i get it??
    ~Lord Bwodgeron

  51. bxxxxxxk / Dec 29 2010

    version 5.50 on psp 2001

  52. Rico / Jan 2 2011

    When I switched to 5.50 the recovery menu didn`t work the
    way that it used to

  53. said / Jan 9 2011

    psp 2001 v6.31 PRO didnt work

  54. matt / Jan 26 2011

    yer same here didnt work for 6.00

  55. mekero / Feb 24 2011

    i have a psp 3k1, and tried your instructions but unlickily it don’t work X(

  56. lilpayne / Feb 25 2011

    THIS DOESN”T WORK!!!!!!!!

    i have version 6.31
    PSP 1000

  57. james / Mar 8 2011

    it didnt work on 5.50

  58. Luigi / Mar 28 2011

    can’t access recovery menu..

    psp 2004 CFW 5.00

  59. ashraf / Apr 10 2011

    it did’nt appear on my psp 3004 v6.37

  60. Erick / Apr 14 2011

    Mine too, it doesn’t work. 3.90 M33-3

  61. Michael RED_X / May 8 2011

    PSP 2000 4.01-M33 ……DOES NOT WORK……

  62. COOLPSPHACKER / May 20 2011

    try pressing both L and R when u are turning on ur psp

  63. arnel / Jun 7 2011

    its good i access the recovery…i tried your procedure…hopefully thanks.godbless

  64. adam / Jun 26 2011

    psp 2000 ver. 6.39 dont work i have try

  65. rigo / Jul 4 2011

    Doesn’t work for 3.69

  66. anni / Jul 13 2011

    it only works, if you have a custom firmware

  67. Red X / Aug 6 2011

    It does whatever Custom firmware u have. I thought it doesn’t work too. I tried holding the off switch in off position until the lights went completely out. During my first few tries, I Simply switched it off and not holding it (I guess most of you did too). It works too if you take the battery out and turn it on when you put it back… Hope it helps. LOL

  68. Red X / Aug 6 2011

    Oh I forgot, you need to hold the L button while turning it on. LOL

  69. Razz / Aug 7 2011

    just press select derps!

  70. jazz / Oct 8 2011

    did’nt work on psp 1004 custom firmware 5.00m33

  71. marko / Nov 18 2011

    Works on 6.39 custom FW. Thank you very much.

  72. reeeeeeeegome / Nov 19 2011

    why version 5.50 didn’t work

  73. vgfuyyyyyyyyyyy / Dec 3 2011

    will this work with psp 3003 pro b 9 6.60

  74. Loller / Dec 10 2011


  75. Ninja_Butler / Mar 3 2012

    Doesn’t work. I have successfully downgraded to 5.50 but I can’t access recovery mode. R-button does nothing.

  76. Mike / Mar 24 2012

    will not work for me

  77. kudigirl / Jun 5 2012

    When playing my kingdom hearts game i eventually need to lock on to targets by pressing L and R, however everytime i do this a red screen pops up saying “no system data found…..” what can i do about this?

  78. Leon / Jun 19 2012

    I have a psp 2001 and i need to access the recovery menu to set up a 6.20 prob5 cfw but it won’t let me go to the menu

  79. Blood_Ice / Aug 10 2012

    I have a PSP 3004 version 6.20, but I can’t get into recovery mode, any suggestions?

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