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Sep 1 / kkrizka

Month In Review: August, 2007

The first full month of this blog’s life is finally over, and I can’t say that I could have been more happy with the results. Right now I get over hundred unique visitors each day, with 20 being from search engine results. Also I have over 10 RSS subscribers. I find that to be quite good for a month old blog. I attribute theses results to two things: updating often and telling others about my posts. There have been several posts this month that were quite successful, so I decided to summarize them.

Upgrade Your PSP From OE firmware to 3.52 M33
This is my tutorial on upgrading your PSP to the latest M33 firmware, and it is the most successful post on this blog. Even though it is a month old, it still attributes for around a quarter of my traffic. Moreover this traffic is from users that are interested in the content of this blog, because it largely comes from different PSP forums where I have copy/pasted the tutorial verbatim. Why else would they come if they weren’t interested in seeing what else my blog has to offer? Also don’t forget that I will be updating the tutorial as new custom firmwares come out!

New WordPress Plug-In: Kontera Integration
My first successful WordPress plugin that has been mentioned on several big blogs. I’ve also received an email from a Kontera representative telling me that they forwarded it to their Development Team. I’m still waiting for a response, but hopefully they will give me information about other options that I can integrate into the plugin.

Offering Link Exchanges
Not as successful as I have hoped, I only got one offer to exchange links. However this offer is still running, so if you are interested, just drop me an email. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Free Programming Advice
This is what I think is the most important post in the whole month. It summarizes how I’m willing to help people with developing their website, as long as I get to blog about it and share the code. I have already received several questions and answered them, so make sure to ask yours too.


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  1. Rush / Sep 3 2007

    This is my first visit of your blog, and I just wanted to say that I really liked it. So you can be sure that I will come back here regularly ๐Ÿ˜‰

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