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Sep 2 / kkrizka

How To Quickly Change Your PSP’s Processing Power

Earlier this week I have covered several useful settings that can be found in the PSP’s Recovery Menu if you are running one of the custom firmwares. One of the tips was to slow down the CPU to 75Hz in XMB to increase the battery life while you listen to songs. While that is a perfectly good idea most of the time, there are other times that you wish you had more processing power. One example would be watching movies, it takes more than 75Hz to watch them comfortably. With 75Hz, you will experience a lot of skips and hangs while watching movies on your PSP. However, thanks to team M33, you no longer have to enter the Recovery Menu to increase the clock speed. They have added something called the VSH Menu.

Here is how you do it right from the XMB menu:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest M33 firmware
  2. Go into your XMB Menu. It doesn’t matter which section you have selected
  3. Press the HOME button to bring up the VSH menu
  4. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to select the CPU CLOCK XMB row
  5. Use the RIGHT/LEFT buttons to select the clock speed you want
    • The first number is the active CPU speed of the PSP
    • The second number is the Bus speed, it indicated how fast information is being transfered between the components in your PSP
  6. Press the HOME button again to hide the VSH menu

There are also other settings that you can quickly modify through this menu. Here is a short summary:

CPU CLOCK XMB – The CPU speed in your XMB
CPU CLOCK GAME – The CPU speed in games
USB DEVICE – The part of the PSP to connect to your PC. If you don’t know what you are doing, just leave this setting alone
UMB ISO MODE – The mode to use to start your backed up ISOs
ISO VIDEO MOUNT – The mode to start your backed up Video ISOs. Currently there are no options


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  1. yousuck / Sep 10 2007

    This is the worst article I have EVER read. Everyone already knows this shit, dumbass.

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 10 2007

      I’m quite sure not everyone knows this, I didn’t know about it until I accidentally hit the HOME button.

      Just because you, and most likely quite a lot of others, know this, it doesn’t mean that everyone does.

    • Realist / Sep 12 2007

      Oh shut up… I had been looking for information how to find the VSH menu and I had to trawl through manu pages before I actually found one that explained how to get to the menu.

      Why don’t you go and write your own blog so that I can ignore it? This page helped at least one person (me), and I’m very thankful for it.

    • pataporn / Dec 7 2011

      1.M33 is not latest.
      2.its generation of PRO & ME cfw (year 2011)
      3.12 yr old kid knows HOW-TO
      4. u need to update ur article
      5.Thank you

  2. Anonymous coward / Sep 15 2007

    I never knew that setting the CPU to 75Hz increase the battery life, while you listen to songs on the XMB…

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 16 2007

      Yup it does, since it’s not taking as much power as before. Many laptops work the same way, the “underclock” the CPU while you are just web browsing/writing something. This can increase your battery life quite a lot.

  3. mumzilla / Jun 19 2009

    thank you so much Karol – my son was in tears after hitting the settings button and accidentally slowing his second hand PSP down – he had no idea what he had done and thought it was broken. For so clearly explaining how to use the custom firmware.

  4. Moe Ron / Oct 5 2009

    Thanks alot! I change cpu clock to 75 and my psp it wont brick now. Great artical.

  5. PSPNEWHACKER / Sep 7 2011

    thanks this was really helpful to those like me who are still new to this hacking buisness. Your great couldn’t find any other website showing you how to do it.

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