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Sep 3 / kkrizka

WordPress Post By E-Mail Not Working

I’ve been trying to setup the “Post By E-Mail” feature in WordPress, however it did not work. Everything was setup correctly, but the script could not detect the body of the post. Every time I ran the wp-mail.php script, I was greeted with the following page.

Author =
Content-type: text/plain, Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit, boundary:
Raw content:

Author: 1
Posted title: Test Post

Posted content:
Mission complete, message 1 deleted.

As you can see, no post body. I searched a big around, and in the end I found out that this has been fixed in the next WordPress release. For now, you can download the new version of the class-pop3.php file, and place it in the wp-includes directory of your WordPress installation.

Download: class-pop3.php


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  1. Rob / Jul 30 2008

    It seems not to be working in 2.6, any ideas?? =)

    • Karol Krizka / Aug 1 2008

      Sorry, but I no longer use post by email so I did not have a chance to test it.

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