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Sep 4 / kkrizka

SFU Wallpapers

For the last few weeks, I was using the default KDE 3.5 wallpaper. Not that it’s ugly, but after some time I got quite bored of it. Since I’m entering SFU this term, I figured that I will use a picture of it’s buildings. However, finding one wasn’t such an easy task as I imagined. SFU Student Development offers a few generic wallpapers, but they do not show any of the architecture. Next DeviantArt offers a number of results, but none of them fit the resolution of my monitor (1650×950). There are a few that I like, and I recommend you to use them if they fit your resolution.

WAC Bennett Library (1024×768) – Show the library, along with the Convocation Mall on a sunny day.

Academic Quadrangle (1024×768) – This is what you see when you think of SFU, the AQ and it’s beautiful garden.

SFU (1280×960) – A close up shot of one ofSFU’s buildings. This is the wallpaper I chose because it had the largest resolution, so it doesn’t look too blurry.

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