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Sep 5 / kkrizka

KDE4 beta 2 Review by Ars Techinca

As a KDE user, I’m awating the release of the next generation KDE. Not only it brings along some revolutionary changes like Plasma, but also implements things that have long missed on the Linux desktop, like automatic hardware detection with Solid. The final stable release is looming near, but for now we can only try out a half working second beta release.

Since I’m actually using my desktop for work, I can’t have applications half working or crashing on me. That’s why I haven’t installed KDE4 myself, and I only read reviews on the net. The best review of beta 2 was made by Ars Technica, and is avaliable under the title “A first look at KDE 4 beta 2“. I recommend that all KDE fans read it, or at least look at the beautiful screenshots.

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