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Sep 5 / kkrizka

Show Top Commentators Widget with Proper Theming Support

Life Is Colourful commented earlier on my blog that the Show Top Commentators widget was not working with his WordPress theme. I had some problems with my theme too, so I decided to dig a bit deeper into the problem. It turned out that the original plugin was not using correct options to add proper theming support. I have added these options, along with a few more features.

  • Added proper theming support
  • Configurations are handled through the Widget page
  • None text works again

Finally let’s not forget to give credit for those that deserve it. The plugin was originally developed by Nate Sanden, and is published on this pfadvice website.

Download: Show Top Commentators Widget with Proper Theming Support


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  1. James / Oct 28 2007

    Hello and thanks for your recode of the plug ins, I’d like to use it directly in my theme, could you explain how to configure it and call it from within the theme and not on the widget bar?

  2. Karol Krizka / Oct 29 2007

    My modification only works if you want to use the Show Top Commentators list as a widget, because that was what I needed. If you want to use it not as a widget, then you need to use the original version (code at the bottom of the post).

    However if you give me a bit of time, I can cook up a version that include the theming fix mentioned in this post and the options available from the “Options” tab of your admin panel, so you don’t need it as a widget.

  3. James / Oct 29 2007

    Hello, I give you all the time you want, I4m subscribed to your comments. I’m very new to wordpress, I started my blog on 1st october and before I always used Drupal, I wanted to have first hand experience with WordPress. But I’m totally at a loss regarding plugins/widgets and the history of WordPress changes. I have used plugins on my blog and in the theme. So in my blog I have a widget bar and also plugins directly called from the theme. I’d like to use your new version of the plug ins like I used the most popular posts blog: I’ve put it in a collapsible DIV with javascript.


  4. gedet basumatary / Apr 5 2008

    Hi and thanks for the updated plugin. I have uploaded in my new blog. But I have a problem.
    Why is that comment number appears in the next line.
    Suppose “Amit” comments 5 times then it shows like this


    Instead if it shows


    Doesn’t latter looks good. Can you fixed this problem. Visit my blog and see how it looks for more details


  5. Hans / May 4 2008

    I download this plugin to take a look, may use it for my blog. Thanks

  6. curiousman / Aug 27 2008

    Hi Karol, I just downloaded and installed your show top commmentators plugin but there’s is one problem with customization. I changed the number of top commentators to 3 but it doesn’t take effect as you can see on my blog here .

    What is wrong? Please help me.Not only that, “show number of comments” also doesn’t seem to work. Basically I think the parameters are not taken into account. The plugin seems to only work on its hard coded values. Hope to hear from you soon

  7. I hope this is of interest to you.
    I’ve just installed the top Commentators plugin. I’ve got a new poker blog at

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