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Sep 6 / kkrizka

Empty Computers At The SFU Library

Finding a computer that you can use at the SFU library if you don’t have your own laptop can be a daunting task during the peak hours. There might be over 100 Dell computer avaliable for use, but they all are used up by student working on their assignements during lunch. However there is a way to find a free computer, and you don’t have to sacrifice much!

Just start walking to the back of the library where all the computers are, and you will reach the Apple section. SFU just received new iMacs, so you will be using the latest and greatest from Apple. Many people don’t think that this is good enough for them, that is why there is always 10 or more iMacs free that anyone can use. For writing, or just checking your email, you won’t even see any difference.

But do you need to run a Windows specific application? Well, you can still use iMacs. They have Parallels installed, which allows you to run Windows XP applications inside your Mac OS X! Just click on the two interlocking golden links on the launcher, and you will see a small window booting up Windows XP. Just make it full screen by pressing one of the icons on the side, and you are set to go.

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