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Sep 7 / kkrizka

Burnout Legends for the PSP

If there is one game you have to get for your PSP, then it’s Burnout Legends. I had it for a year now, and I still return to it when I am bored. Not only is this game fun to play, but it also is quite easy, so you won’t be wanting to smash your PSP. This does not mean that it’s a walk in the park, it does take a bit of skill to make it past most race tracks. Moreover, there are different modes you can try out when you want some change.

The most typical mode of all, car racing. You control one of four race cars, and you have to drive for 3 laps. What makes it different from other racing games though, is the idea of the “Afterburner”. This is a rocket jet type boost that you receive after you have gained enough energy. There are several ways to gain this energy, one being driving in the opposite lane, where you have oncoming traffic. You can also drift at the corners, or my favourite: smash other opponents. The smashing gives you the greatest boost, and it also slows down your opponent. Just make sure you don’t hit any of the actual traffic, because then you crash your own car.

Another fun and original mode is the crashcourse. You drive a car, get boosts, and try to create as much havoc on the road as you can. However you only have one try to steer your car right, because right after you first hit, you no longer can steer. You get your rating as the amount of damage you caused, which can get quite high after you unlock the really big and heavy cars.

Road Rage
My favourite mode of all is road rage. You are again pitted against 3 other opponents, but now you no longer have to race. Instead you try to make them crash, or as they called it: takedown. Since after a crash the cars are spawned a bit in front of you, you never have to wait for them to catch up. The best way to take them out is to drive right behind them, hit the afterburner and bump their back. This will make them loose control, and crash into the wall. Another fun thing is to make them hit the oncoming traffic, but that can be a bit tricky.

Police Chase
This has to be my least favourite mode of them all. You are in control of a police car that is trying to smash an escaping criminal. This can get quite problematic, because the convict has a big head start, and doesn’t crash at all. This means that even one mistake will cost you the game. Another annoying thing is that the opponent’s car is quite hard to aim for, at least at the speed that you are racing. I had several opportunities to totally wreck the criminal, but I turn a few degrees left, and crashed into the wall at full speed.


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  1. HackerYami / Oct 2 2007

    Nah man you just have to love Dominator over Legends, yeah legends is alright, the crash courses were real good fun, but Dominator kicks arse, best racing game on the psp for me

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 2 2007

      I have not tried that game, thanks for recommending it!

  2. XpanD / Oct 3 2007

    I agree on Dominator being better. It’s MUCH better.

    Road rage is the type I love :)

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