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Sep 7 / kkrizka

Bussing to SFU

Since I live right under Burnaby Mountain, where SFU is located, I have no practical reason to live in residence. This means that I have to take the bus every morning, which is actually not much of a problem. On a normal day, the ride usually takes around 5 minutes, and I can catch up on some reading in the meantime. However there are a few days, like today, that the bus ride can be increasingly annoying and long. Recently there has been a lot of construction going on Hasting Street, resulting in a one line of traffic in each direction. As you can imagine, this slowed down everything quite a lot, and my 5 minute bus ride ended up being 30 minutes long. I really feel sorry for the driver, he did look quite annoyed with the traffic jam. The city really needs better planning when it comes to doing construction on the major streets in the city.

Another problem that I see with bussing is that if you live just one station away (which is at the foot of the big hill), you will have trouble getting on the bus. By the time it gets to yor stop, it is so packed with students that the driver will not even stop, and keeps going.


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  1. Garvin Lim / Sep 7 2007

    That’s me…lol. I live right near the end of the line, on Duthie and Hastings, and I can do nothing but watch as bus after bus zooms by.

    • Karol Krizka / Sep 7 2007

      You should just walk down one bus station. People there still get on. 😛

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