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Sep 14 / kkrizka

The Golden Egg Contest

I was contacted by Arun from the Make money online about a blog contest that he is running on his site, called “The Golden Egg Contest“. The winner of the contest will get an unlimited hosting plan forever, and the rest of entrants will get a linkback from his blog. While visiting his blog, there are several posts I recommend checking out especially.

Make money online by sharing your computer for big projects
Arun talks about a way that anyone can use to make money, and it does not even require any passive work. You basically let your computer join a bigger cluster to help in complex calculations. I knew you can do this for free (ei: SETI@Home, Folding@Home), but I didn’t know you can get payed for it. Only if Arun provided links to sites that offer these kinds of plans.

11 Free SEO Tools For Bloggers
A short article about several web tools for bloggers that let you optimize your blog. Most are your typical keyword checkers, but there are a few new ones. I really recommend checking out the “Bad Neighborhood Links Checker”.

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