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Sep 15 / kkrizka

Calling Home From University With Pingo

International students at universities have it much harder than the domestic ones, mainly because they have to pay more. Not only they have to pay for residence, higher tuitions, meal plans, but also there are many miscellaneous expenses. One of them is international calls home, which can become very costly after some time. However luckily there are solutions to it, like prepaid phone cards.

The company I am blogging about right now is called Pingo, and there are several reasons why you should check them out. Now only do you get cheap, quality calls, but also $8 in free phone calls. This is made up of the $5 bonus that everyone gets when they sign up for Pingo, and a $3 promotion that they are running right now. Just make sure to type in ppp3 as your discount coupon. This is a special deal for all blog readers.

What I like most about the company is that they accept several payment methods. You do not have to enter your credit card information, because they also accept PayPal. You also get a bonus $5 worth of calls for every friend you refer.

The advantage that Pingo has over the classical cards you can get in your local general store is that there is no actual card. You will get an online account with your information that you can refill whenever you want to. Moreover you can enable automatic refills, so you will not be disconnected in the middle of your call. There are more comfort features, like their PINpass technology. You can specify a set of phone numbers, from which you can all without having to enter in your pin number.

Check out Pingo’s rates, and other information on their website about Canadian calling cards.

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