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Sep 17 / kkrizka

Where Do You Work?

I do like my work table. It has a huge surface area for work, accessible shelves, bulletin board and an integrated computer stand. I wanted to blog about it for some time, which led to an idea for a little group writing project that might produce some interesting results. The rules are simple, just take a picture of your computer desk, and describe why you set it up that way. Also make sure to talk about the pros and cons of your setup, so others could see your reasoning. After you have completed this simple write up, just leave a comment on this post or send me an email. I will then compile the entire list and post it on my blog.

There is no need to include a link to this blog in your post, however I do encourage you to spread the word. The more posts there are, the better chance that we find some really interesting, and unique working areas.

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