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Sep 19 / kkrizka

GNOME 2.20 Brings Interesting Features

The popular open source desktop environment, GNOME, just released a new version 2.20. While I’m not a big fan of it (I’m a KDE guy), there was one that caught my eye while I was looking over the release notes.

The GNOME Screensaver now allows people to leave you a note while your screen is locked, by clicking the “Leave Message” button. You’ll see these messages when you login.

While this feature might not be as useful in a home environment, I see several uses in the office environment. Everytime someone looks for you, they no longer have to waste a sticky note. Of course, the only problem is that the visitor has to be aware of this feature. This means that for it to fully work, it has to become more common. For example, it should come default with Windows and other desktops. I hope KDE implements this soon too.

Other notable changes include:

  • improved support for right-to-left languages
  • desktop search integrated into the file chooser dialog
  • convenient new features in the Evolution email and calendar client
  • enhanced browsing of image collections
  • simplified system preferences
  • efficient power management
  • incredibly accurate laptop battery monitoring


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  1. Rahen Mckinny / Sep 20 2007

    i didn’t use any screen saver program before gnome loves me

  2. mlankton / Sep 22 2007

    Both KDE and Gnome have come a long way since the early days. I still don’t find them to be as integrated as NeXT or OS X, or as elegant to use, but I’d take either over any version of Windows.

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