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Sep 27 / kkrizka

Ubuntu 7.10 Beta Available

I used to be an Ubuntu user when I had a laptop. I found it a great distribution for a system that you want to just work in a constantly changing environment. That is why it was great for a laptop, because I moved around with it a lot, and connected many different devices. With every new release they make the whole process much simpler, so that is why I still follow their development. Just now they have released the first beta of their upcoming Gutsy Gibbon release, and like always they made a screenshot tour of the new features. If you are not afraid of broken features from time to time (this happens a lot with the first few Ubuntu betas), then you can download it here.

The new features include:

  • Compiz Fusion – This innovative compositing window manager enables 3-D desktop effects that let users work with, and see, their desktops in completely new ways.
  • Printer installation – In GNOME, printers are automatically configured for use as soon as they are connected.
  • Free Flash support with Gnash – Ubuntu 7.10 leads the pack with a preview of this Flash browser plugin. Although still actively in development and not yet fully supported by Ubuntu, Gnash gives a glimpse into the future of free Flash, bringing partial Flash support to 64-bit desktop systems.
  • Automated Firefox plugin installation – Beyond the addition of Gnash, Firefox in Ubuntu now supports automatic installation of popular plugins through the standard Ubuntu package repositories, for a richer web-browsing experience with the integrated security support of the rest of the Ubuntu system.

And let’s not forget the KUbuntu improvements:

  • Dolphin file manager – This updated file manager gives Ubuntu users a glimpse of the upcoming KDE 4.
  • Strigi desktop search – Another pillar of KDE 4 available now in Kubuntu.
  • Restricted-manager – Kubuntu 7.10 includes a KDE front-end for easy installation of proprietary drivers, complementing the existing GNOME front-end.

This seems like a great release with many features that will simplify the file of many users. However, I’m not sure about the default Kubuntu login screen, seems a bit too overly dark blue. 😛

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  1. Madhur Kapoor / Sep 28 2007

    I am looking forward to giving it a try.

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