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Sep 28 / kkrizka

BlueJAR How To Group Writing Contest

Over a week ago I submitted my How To Get Approved for PayPerPost With A New Blog tutorial to the BlueJAR HOWTO writing contest. However I sadly forgot to cast my vote for my top favourite entries, which was due by September 25th. Even if my votes might not count, I am still going to blog about my favourite howtos, and send out some linklove to the other contestants.

How To Review A Blog by AdTracker
I do a few reviews on this blog, but sometime I am not sure where to start. However this HOWTO lists a few great questions to ask your self when you are writing a review. More ever it is condensed, and dosn’t waste time discussing different topics.

How To Promote Yourself (When You Don’t Want To.) by Dee
This is a great post for the lazy blogger. It gets to the point, and shows that you do not need any fancy advertising to drive some traffice to your blog.

How To Prepare For The Perfect Date by Shaun Low
A great detailed post for people that go on dates. It lists (and explains) a few things you should make sure to do in order to have a perfectly smooth date.

The Other Contestants


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  1. Web Design Business / Sep 28 2007

    Thank you for the link love. I think it’s great you still posted your choices even after the deadline.

    – James Mitchell

  2. Fingerling / Sep 28 2007

    Nice list. Also I will appreciate a list of best How to make st. videos from Metacafe:)

  3. Karthik / Sep 28 2007

    Thanks for the linklove!

  4. Steve Belt / Sep 28 2007

    Thanks for the link love.

  5. Dee / Sep 28 2007

    Thanks for the vote, I’m pleased that you enjoyed my post.

    I love your logo, and the colors you have chosen for your blog!

  6. Ad Tracker / Sep 29 2007

    Thank you so much for the endorsement. I enjoyed your article as well. That was a fun project but a lot of work :)

  7. Madhur Kapoor / Sep 30 2007

    Thanks for the link love .

  8. Job and Career Forum / Dec 3 2010

    last time, i joined a writing contests on the internet and i won a small price for writing a nice piece of writing .,’

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