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Sep 29 / kkrizka

WordPress Taking Up Too Much MySQL Space

While looking through my Freehostia CPanel I noticed that my database was taking up over 10MB of space, which means it had only 5MB free. Now considering I only have around 100 blog posts, this seemed very weird. So I decided to look into the database, and I noticed that the wp_clicktracking table belonging to the Click Tracking plugin was taking up 7MB of the space. After just over 20000 clicks this seemed like too much space being taken up, so I decided to disable it. It turns out that it was storing much more information than neede, for example the browser identification string called an User Agent along with every click. Deleting this column shrunk the table down to half the size, so that’s one optimization the author could look like.

Overall this is quite a cool plugin, even if it stops working after your page receives too many clicks. I really recommend checking it out if you have the database space, because it gave me some interesting heat maps.

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