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Sep 30 / kkrizka

Advertise With The Downloads

I’ve decided to add sponsorship to the page that loads when you decide to download one of the files hosted on my server. This is how the advertising works: You pay a monthly fee that determines how often your ad will be displayed compared to others, the more you pay the more it will be displayed. You can view how much others are paying right here, and how many times their ad was displayed so far.

If you wish to advertise with the downloads, then feel free to contact me with your bid and information.

Here are some statistics that were collected so far. As of September 2007, my top performing download was the package containing the update to firmware version 3.52 M33-4 as seen from the following screenshot of AwStats. This update is required if you wish to update to 3.71 M33, so it will be receiving even more hits as October progresses.


This might not seem as a high traffic site, which might be true, but I’m not asking for much either. You can bid whatever you want to, even $0.01 cents for the whole month. However if someone bids much more than you, their ad will be shown even more.

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