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Sep 30 / kkrizka

PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33 Guide

The following article will guide you through installing the latest (and greatest 😉 ) custom PSP firmware version 3.71 M33 that was produced by no other than Dark_Alex himself. Not only this guide describes how to get the basic custom functionality, which was already described in great detail, but also talks about how to install the 1.50 kernel patch and the Custom Firmware Extender 1.6. If you come across any problems with this tutorial, I suggest you visit the urPSP forums and post your query there.


  • A fat PSP with firmware version 3.52 M33-3 or greater. The installer will not work with anything lower than this. You can check out my 3.52 M33-4 guide to find out how to upgrade
    • Or a slim PSP with 3.60 M33 firmware. I do not have a slim PSP, so I cannot help you with it. However this seems like a good tutorial on upgrading to 3.60 M33.
  • At least a memory stick with 128 MB of free space
  • Fully charged battery (or just leave it plugged in the power)
  • M33 installation package that includes the SONY official firmware version 3.71 & 1.50, CFW extender, 1.50 kernel patch.
  • Patience to follow this guide step by step

Install 3.71 M33

  1. Connect your PSP to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. Copy all files on the memory stick to a hard drive. This is a backup just in case something evil happens, even if it’s unlikely.
  3. Copy the UPDATE folder (found in PSP/GAME folder in the installation package) to the PSP/GAME folder on your PSP.
  4. Disconnect your PSP from the computer
  5. Navigate to the games section of the XMB on your PSP and select the Memory Stick tab
  6. Run the application called “PSP Update ver 3.71”
  7. Press X if asked to correct idstorage keys
  8. Press X after that to continue
  9. You will be asked to install the official 3.71 SONY update, so follow their instructions. Don’t worry, the installer will patch it to run homebrew afterwards.
  10. Your PSP will restart automatically after this update is complete
  11. Apply the 3.71 M33-2 Patch
  12. You now have 3.71 M33 on your PSP!

Install 1.50 Homebrew Support For the PSP

  1. This patch will delete the Location Free Player and the Korean font in order to increase space available. Do not install it if you use these features, use eLoader instead.
  2. Connect your PSP to the computer via a USB cable.
  3. Copy the 150.pbp file from the installation package to the root of your PSP memory stick.
  4. Copy the UPDATE15 folder (found in PSP/GAME folder in the installation package) to the PSP/GAME folder on your PSP.
  5. Rename the copied UPDATE15 folder to UPDATE. If you do not do this, it will only show up as “corrupted data”
  6. Disconnect your PSP from the computer
  7. Navigate to the games section of the XMB on your PSP and select the Memory Stick tab
  8. Run the application called “PSP Update ver 1.50”
  9. Press X to continue
  10. Wait as your PSP paches itself
  11. Your PSP will restart automatically after this update is complete
  12. You can now run 1.50 applications on your 3.71 PSP!

Install Custom Firmware Extender 1.6

  1. Connect your PSP to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. Copy the seplugins folder from the installation package to the root of your PS
  3. Disconnect your PSP from the computer and turn it fully off
  4. Start your PSP while holding the R button, this will access the recovery menu
  5. Scroll down to Plugins and hit X
  6. Enable the cfe_game.prx plugin by selecting it and pressing the X button
  7. Enable the cfe_vsh.prx plugin by selecting it and pressing the X button
  8. Go back and exit
  9. In the XMB press Note+Volume Up to see the list of all available commands
    1. Close it by pressing the circle button
  10. Navigate to the “System Information” page hidden in the System Settings section of the XMB
  11. Press Note+Screen to take a screen shot
  12. Download it to your computer from the PICTURES folder on the memory stick
  13. Upload it to the internet, and leave a comment on this post with the link :)


If you come across any problems with this tutorial, I suggest you visit the urPSP forums and post your query there.


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  1. marcus / Oct 2 2007

    works on psp slim? i already have 3.60M33 implemented, and i haven’t found a single slim tutorial on how to get it done.

  2. Dr. Strangepork / Oct 2 2007


    Thanks for this great tutorial (and the one on 3.52). They were the clearest that I’ve come across and encouraged me to upgrade from 3.30-OEA’.

    One quick question, am I able to delete the seplugins folder or does that folder have to stay if I want to use the screen shot function for instance?

    Speaking of screen shots, check it out per your request:


    Thanks again

    Dr. Strangepork

  3. Dr. Strangepork / Oct 2 2007


    Thanks for the great tutorial!

    I finally upgraded from 3.30 OE!

    Here’s the proof per your request


  4. XpanD / Oct 3 2007

    Hmm… Very off-topic but… Your new ISO article of the site doesn’t work.

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 3 2007

      Yeah, I have to look at it why. For some reason it’s being cataloged as a September post with October. I might repost it later on.

  5. HackerYami / Oct 4 2007

    In the guide you said copy some files to the root of the psp, whats the root?

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 4 2007

      The root is the top level folder of your memory stick.

  6. Lancer3d / Oct 4 2007

    I did everything you have stated and I checked in the system info that my fat ps is 3.52 M33-4. When I try to run the 3.71 update it stills says that I need 3.52 m33-3 or higher, how can I overcomer this problem please?

    • Muneeb / Oct 16 2007

      Hi every one, I notified no one replied to Lancer’s query, I am bothered as I am facing the same problem.

      I upgraded from 3.04OE-A to 3.52M33 & then to 3.52M33-4 successfully with out error using the exact same procedure advised in :

      Even now my PSP states I have 3.52M33-4 however when I run 3.71 update it stills says that I need 3.52 m33-3 or higher, then the PSP restarts back to 3.52M33-4.

      Can some one plz assist ?

      • number 24 / Dec 30 2007

        yup. same problem here. i upgraded using the 3.52 M33 guide on this website and i encountered the same problem as these guys above me. same exact thing.

    • TanisDevTeam / Oct 18 2008

      hold down R hwen you turn on the PSP. this puts it into recovery mode. go to registry hacks, then down to kernel mode (ore something like that…) it will say 1.50 so click it and it will cahnge to 3.52. exit recovery mode anc then follow the walkthrough.


  7. HackerYami / Oct 4 2007

    I get an error when i try to run the 3.71 upgrade, it says error 80020148 but its just for the upgrade program, i can play games and i’ve already tried changing the recovery no UMD option thingy it still didn’t work

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 4 2007

      Make sure the game folder is in 3.52 kernel mode.

      • HackerYami / Oct 5 2007

        So how do i do that?

  8. XpanD / Oct 5 2007

    HackerYami wrote:
    […]So how do i do that?[…]

    Hold the right trigger when your PSP is off, then turn it on. Keep holding it, and you’ll get into the so-called recovery menu. From there, you go to configuration, and change your kernel to 3.52.

  9. HackerYami / Oct 5 2007

    Oiii man, the file you gave as the m33 instalation is wrong, the Update folder in the installation folder only has 371.pbp and EBOOT.pbp so it wont work you need have a umodele.prx then all of them go in the x:/PSP/GAME

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 5 2007

      I included everything that was in the 3.72M33 package that I downloaded from Dark_Alex’s website. I did find it weird that it was missing the umodele.prx file, but I though that was just a change in the new release. Maybe the download got corrupted for me, or I deleted it by mistake before I noticed it.

      For now you can try using the first version of M33:

  10. HackerYami / Oct 5 2007

    Already done it all myself, but thanks for the help, the new themes are great

  11. XpanD / Oct 6 2007

    Say, Karol…

    I’m working on some PSP tutorials, to get people who have just installed a custom firmware to get the best out of their PSP.

    I was wondering… Can I link to certain writings you made, giving you full credit for those writings?

    My tutorial can be found at . It’s still very much a work in progress, just as my other tutorial.

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 6 2007

      Go ahead. :) As long as you link back, it’s ok with me.

      • XpanD / Oct 7 2007


        That’ll save me some time. The things here are very clearly illustrated, so why not just link to those things once in a while? 😀

        Thanks :)

        • XpanD / Dec 3 2007

          Thought I’d let everyone know…

          My new PSP tutorials and stuff will be placed at . :)

        • raymond / Sep 17 2008

          hi friend can some one help me i from 3.52m33-4 then i down load the 3.71m33 just one to play the monster hunter G2 game but start to up date my system that came out erro that happen pls reply me thank for your help

  12. tero / Oct 12 2007

    after running the update that removes the location free player, is the icon of the location free player still suppose to be there or not? because i ran the update and the icon of the locetion free player is still there so im not sure if i did it correctly

  13. kevin. / Oct 14 2007

    the ‘M33 installation package’ link doesn’t work, so I can’t download it. D:

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 15 2007

      My webhost was undergoing some maintenance during the last day or so, maybe you tried to access it during that time.

  14. johnnysneds / Oct 15 2007

    someone help…cant get extender to work. V1.5 opens with note+Vol(+) but then I cant get none of the options to function via the button combinations listed.
    V1.7 opens with note+Vol(-) and the same happens. Different screen.
    Both versions will exit the function screen via the ‘O’ button.
    Im running 3.71 without the -2 patch, does this have to installed?
    Any help..much appreciated

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 15 2007

      I am not sure what the problem could be, and you do not need to have to upgrade to -2 patch. Make sure you are pressing all the necessary buttons at the same time? That’s the best advice I can give you.

      Also check that you have enabled all plugins in the recovery menu.

  15. Muneeb / Oct 16 2007

    Hi every one, I noticed no one replied to Lancer’s query, I am bothered as I am facing the same problem.

    I upgraded from 3.04OE-A to 3.52M33 & then to 3.52M33-4 successfully with out error using the exact same procedure advised in :

    Even now my PSP states I have 3.52M33-4 however when I run 3.71 update it stills says that I need 3.52 m33-3 or higher, then the PSP restarts back to 3.52M33-4.

    Can some one plz assist ?

    • SofaKingCool / Dec 26 2007

      In the recovery menu (advanced) set your Kernal to 3.52 as you prob have it on 1.5 after updating from 3.4oe to 3.52 m33.

      • PSPNoob / Aug 3 2008

        so how do i get to the recovery menu?

  16. jason / Oct 26 2007

    I have 3.52 M33-4 version why i cannot upgrade my psp to 3.71. I tried but the game could not be started.

  17. jason / Oct 27 2007

    I’m very much thankfull that you gave how to upgrade my psp to 3.71 M33-2.

  18. Leslie / Oct 29 2007

    Hi, to play download games. Do i need to use the custom FW? Please advise

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 29 2007

      You do not the custom firmware to play any games that you legally own, even the ones that you downloaded from the official SONY store.

  19. jason / Oct 30 2007

    Thank You very much for the tutorial on how to upgrade in 3.71. I’d just upgraded my psp from 3.52 M33-4 to 3.71 M33-2.
    I’m very much appreciated what you are doing.

  20. jason / Oct 30 2007

    Pls. help me in plugins during umd game i’d just want to capture som scenes but when i push up button then it capture. When i look up in MS0 i did not seen the capture data.
    I’m hoping for your response.

    • Karol Krizka / Oct 30 2007

      Did you look into the MS0:/pictures folder? That is where they should be saved. Also the key combo is “Note+Screen”, so I am not sure what UP button you are talking about.

  21. jason / Oct 31 2007

    When i’m playing games i’d just want to capture some scenes but when i use these key combo ” Note+Screen ” nothing happens. I’d think that this screenshot capture plugins is not functioning.

  22. jason / Oct 31 2007

    I have a newly psp White version 3.11. Pls help to upgrade to 3.71 M33.
    I’m hoping for response.

  23. patrick / Nov 6 2007

    I upgraded my psp to 3.71 from the original network update. I found out about playing isos after the update. I downloaded the 3.71 m33 file and tried to run the installation. my psp says it is already up to date. how can i get around this?

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 6 2007

      You need to use the Pandora’s Battery to downgrade your PSP.

  24. Terry / Nov 7 2007

    I have 3.71M33, and got a 8GB mem stick.
    When I play my ISO’s, I get a few saves then the saves get corrupted. Any ideas why?

  25. ELEVEN / Nov 7 2007

    Hey there. I installed everything to the “T” as stated in your tutorial. When it booted back up ( saved data utility), the buttons on my psp dont work anymore ( d-pad, x o,triangle, square). I tried using pandora to unbrick it, but no use. Can you please help me out? I have tried everything, but it seems the update got my psp stuck somehow. Also just to mention, in recovery mode (holding down R at start up) the buttons do work. PLeeeeeeease help me.


  26. Iddi / Nov 7 2007

    hey Karol/all, i’m lost! i’ve got a psp “genuine” v1.50 – stored in a cupboard!

    I’ve bought a few 2gb memsticks, whats best for me to play the downloaded iso/cso games?

    my friend gave me humma kavula (sounds a bit voodoo & taboo) but i’d like an expert opinion – what to do with genuine v1.50 to play some copied games…?

    thanks guys.

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 7 2007

      You go to a store and buy the game. :)

      • The right one / Dec 23 2007

        Hey guys if you got a 1.50 just upgrade to 3.52 m33-3 and then get 3.71 m33-4

  27. johnbuk / Nov 8 2007

    Thanks a million. Had upgraded to 3.10OE 6 months or so ago and totally forgot how I did it. Searching the web, there’s a lot of contradictory info out there from questionable sources. Followed your guides here and used the files in your links and was upgraded to 3.71 M33 in no time. Thanks

  28. jason / Nov 9 2007

    Sony release new update version 3. 72, some extra features added.

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 9 2007

      That is true, and there is a CFW already available, but it is not fully from Dark_Alex, so I will not be covering it here.

      But he did release a new patch for 3.71, so a quick guide will be coming up soon.

  29. jason / Nov 9 2007

    What about a new patch for 3.71. i’ve just downloaded but i’ve never been installed to psp du to i’m doubt about it.

  30. chris / Nov 10 2007

    have just updated to 3.71 many thanks but still cant get remote play to work with ps3 says a firmware update is required ? any help please

  31. Gus / Nov 10 2007

    just wanted to congratulate you for your effort. Im new at the homebrew scene and the guides r really helpful. Keep the guides coming!!!!

  32. WaG007 / Nov 11 2007

    i have a fat psp with original sony 3.71 firmware so can i install custom firmware 3.71-M33 or can i downgrade it to 1.5?? Please help me!!

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 11 2007

      You need to downgrade to 1.50 with Pandora’s battery first.

      • Kyi / Aug 2 2008

        I have official firmware 3.71. I am trying to create a Pandora battery but to be able to do it I need a psp with v1.50. So I cannot downgrade 3.71 anymore unless I purchase a Pandora’s battery? Thanks.

  33. Dan Lach / Nov 13 2007

    Hi. I have a PSP that was unbricked with 3.71 M33. Now, when I try to update to 3.72, I get a message stating that the memory stick cannot be read. Does this mean that if you go M33 you are locked out of regular upgrades?

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 13 2007

      I do not believe so, try formating your memory stick and then trying again.

      But then, why would you want to go from M33 to official firmware? M33 offers the same features, and more.

  34. Cajun hot / Nov 15 2007

    Is it possible to downgrade from the new 3.72 OFW or will i have to wait for 3.72 m33

  35. Susan Aiton / Nov 17 2007

    PLEASE be patient with me! Not only am I a total Noob, I’m just a grandma of 3, mother of 4, who is just trying to get the most out of her 2 PSPs to keep the grandkids busy on road trips when I have to take them along on my business trips (OK, and maybe have a bit of fun on my rare down time).
    I have downgrade both of my PSPs to Custom Firmware version 3.71 M33-2 by way of Pandoras Battery, but the only thing I have been able to get working on them (other than the UMDs I own) is SNES EMU (snes9xTYL-0.4.2me_fw3x). I was able to get Breath of Fire III.cso to work for a while, but without making any change I know of, it stopped loading tonight! I have tried several GBA and other EMUs but all result in the same message as I now get from trying to load the Breath of Fire – “The game could not be started (80020321)” When I contacted the gentleman who made the Pandora’s Battery for me, he suggested that I needed to change my kernel to 1.50. I did this but still get same msg when I try to load.
    Any Ideas?
    Your help is greatly appreciated!

    • bcman / Nov 18 2007

      install the 1.5 addon patch V2 from Dark Alex’s home page.
      Also install update #3 for 3.71M33 from DA’s site.
      Also, in recovery menu(hold r trigger when starting psp) set umd mode/iso loader to sony np9660.

  36. Sam teo / Nov 20 2007

    Hi i had just upgraded my psp 3.03oe to 3.52m33-4.thank you
    I got a 2nd psp ver 3.30 but i cant play my psp games from my memory stick which i used to play in my 3.03oe. Can someone help. Thank u again

    • XpanD / Dec 3 2007

      Official firmwares (3.30 in this case) are different from the custom firmwares (3.03 OE and 3.52 M33-4 in this case) you’ve been using on the other PSP before.

      Official firmwares do not allow for the playing of game or homebrew files from the memory stick. In order to get the same functionality as your other PSP, you’ll have to put a custom firmware on your second PSP.

      Now, in your case, you should be able to easily downgrade your new PSP by creating a “Pandora” combination.

      I’ve looked for a few links to help you out, but beware, the battery and memory stick you’ll have to use will not be working normally afterwards, unless you convert them back again (to their normal state). Here they are:

      Pandora’s combination guide:

      Despertar del Cementerio v3 guide (use AFTER you’ve made a Pandora’s combo, this’ll allow you to upgrade PSPs directly to firmware 3.71 M33-2) :

      Good luck :)

  37. Mikel / Nov 25 2007

    im new to this custom firmware thing i want to kno does m33 fw do the same thing has fw 3.71, wat do i need to do to get it ?

  38. Karol Krizka / Nov 25 2007

    The M33 does the same thing, but also has added functionality like the ability to run homebrew applications. You need a friend with already modded PSP to create a Pandora’s battery (just google, there are many good guides) so you can downgrade to 1.50. Then you can upgrade to 3.71M33.

  39. Anom / Nov 28 2007

    hai. I just upgraded my psp from 3.40 oe to 3.52 m33-4 (thanks for the firmware&steps) but i have a little problem when upgrading my psp from 3.52 to 3.71; it says : error checking idstorage degeneration. is there a step i miss or something?? thank you again
    your help is appreciated

    • XpanD / Dec 3 2007

      This might be due to a corrupted IDstorage.

      The IDstorage is the “place” in which the PSP keeps alot of the PSP-specific data, like what MAC-adress your PSP has online.

      If the IDstorage is fully erased, then the PSP won’t even turn on anymore. If it’s just corrupted, on the other hand, you can try a keycleaner program (I’d advise

      Keycleaner programs are dangerous, they might cause your PSP to stop working, so if you don’t have a good reason to upgrade to 3.71, please don’t use them.

      If you’re gonna use a keycleaner, first make sure you have the following things:
      1. A text like “IC1003” inside the UMD drive.
      2. A NAND backup of the PSP (like the Pandora combination can make).

      Another thing, which is probably better to try first, providing you don’t have a text like “IC1003” inside your UMD drive, would be a full downgrade to version 1.50, and then a direct upgrade to 3.52 M33. After that you can patch it to 3.52 M33-4, and try the 3.71 M33 update again.

      Anyway… Good luck :)

  40. allan / Dec 3 2007

    hi i have the official 3.71 version on my psp, which i installed from the psp network update. will i be able to install 3.71 M33 straight on to it??

    • XpanD / Dec 3 2007

      Nope. In order to normally install a custom firmware, you need to upgrade to it from firmware 1.50.

      3.71 M33 is different in this aspect: You need to be on the 3.52 M33 custom firmware with patch #3 or 4 installed before you can upgrade.

      In order to get your PSP on firmware 1.50, you’ll need to downgrade it. Downgrading has risks attached; there’s about a 10% chance of something going wrong.

      Then there’s another condition… Official firmwares above 3.50 can NOT be downgraded normally. They can only be downgraded with a modified battery and memory stick (the “Pandora” or “Cementar del Despertario” combination).

      These combinations can only be made on a PSP with a custom firmware, so you’ll need to ask around for this with people you know who have a PSP.

      One more thing: If you’re going to use a Pandora combination, please open up your UMD drive first, and look for a code like “IC1003” inside. If you see this text inside (usually at the top), there’s more risk attached, as your PSP has a newer motherboard.

      • XpanD / Dec 3 2007

        Oops. I messed up with the “Cementar del Despertario” part. It’s supposed to be “Despertar del Cementerio”, lol.

        So damn hard to spell! 😛

        • allan / Dec 3 2007

          my friend has a psp with 3.71 M33-2 on it. can i downgrade mine using that?

  41. Karol Krizka / Dec 3 2007

    Yup, just google for “Pandora’s battery”. There are many good guides.

    • XpanD / Dec 9 2007

      If you’re gonna go for a downgrade through a standard (non-despertar) Pandora combination, be sure that your PSP doesn’t have a text like IC1003 inside the UMD drive first!

      If you’re gonna use the newer Despertar combo (I’d advise v3), you’ll be safe anyway.

  42. barns / Dec 8 2007

    Has anyone gotten BEATS to work using 3.71M33 CFW? I downloaded it but I get an error when I run it…i’ve tried various config settings to no avail.

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 8 2007

      What is the error? I heard reports on the PSPMod forums that the game works on custom firmwares too.

      I haven’t tried the game yet (no PS3 for the PS Store), but I’m thinking that you don’t need any specific modes to run it, because it uses some functions from the official firmware. If anything, try to use the NSsomething mode.

      • barnaby / Dec 9 2007

        error 80020148 is what I get for Beats…I have tried various setting in config. and nothing seems to work.

        Where have you seen reports that it does work? I realize that many people pay for the game and that works for them but I am talking about a P2P copy of the game which I think does not work.

        • Karol Krizka / Dec 10 2007

          I heard it on the PSPMod forum, and I think they are talking about the legally purchased game. If you want to play Beats, then I suggest buying it. It only costs $5.

  43. irwin / Dec 8 2007

    I have PSP 3.71 M33-3, and it does not detect Godzilla and SWAT iso games.

    • XpanD / Dec 9 2007

      Are those PSP games? If so, make sure you put them into a map called ISO in the root (topmost map, it has maps like PSP and MUSIC inside) of your memory stick.

      Oh, you might want to set your kernel mode (hold R trigger whilst starting PSP) to 3.71. It’s a long shot, but it might just work.

  44. icteyemd / Dec 11 2007

    i tried your suggestion but still no success. i’m thinking it runs on 3.40 or 3.52 firmware???

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 11 2007

      You need to downgrade to 1.50 using Pandora’s Battery first.

  45. jdixon / Dec 13 2007

    Great guide! It worked like a charm.

  46. faizal019 / Dec 15 2007

    Just update to CFW 3.71M33 but when want to install update ver.1.5 , on black screen it said “CANNOT DECRYPT UPDATER PRX” . What this mean ? Pls help thanks

  47. pparts / Dec 22 2007

    Used pandoras to 1.50 -> Installed 3.52 M33-4 -> crashes every time at 99% with error The update failed. Contact technical support for assistance. (FFFFFFFE). Full brick -> pandoras 1.50 ..

  48. Reiki / Dec 24 2007

    Hi there. I ran into some problem here.

    I just upgraded to 3.52 m33-4 without problems. But I ran into problem in 3.71. I got stuck at instruction no 9, when asked to install the official 3.71 SONY update. An error occurred saying it can update (forgot the error number). I wanted to change into kernel mode 3.52 by switching off and going into recovery mode, but then, my psp wont start to work at all.

    I’m afraid that the IDstorage got totally erased when it tried to install the official update. Any solution? Help will be appreciated, thanks.

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 25 2007

      Hmm, I guess the best thing to do is downgrade using Pandora’s Battery.

  49. peon / Dec 26 2007

    Hey i just got ssw bf 2 pack for christmass and it has ver 3.60 do i need to find someone that can help me do pandoras battery? or can i just upgrade to 3.71 m33?

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 26 2007

      You need someone with Pandora’s Battery to run the 3.71 m33 installer.

  50. hort_15 / Jan 5 2008

    So if i have a modifed PSP w/ 3.71 M33 and I actually BUY the Beats game it will work? or will it some how screw up the firmware.
    I’m just afraid that then connecting through USB to the Sony Playstation Store they might detect something.

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 5 2008

      I read reports on PSPMod forums of the official Beats working on M33 based firmwares.

  51. kuuhiwahiwa / Jan 11 2008

    I installed 3.52 m33, but when I try to upgrade to 3.52 m33-4 i press x on my psp and it says that the game could not load. Both of my psps say the same thing when trying to upgrade. I can’t get 3.71 till i get 3.52-4. Please help.

  52. leeboi / Jan 15 2008

    did you copy the update folder with the file to ms0:/PSP/GAME?

  53. Harry / Jan 15 2008

    Karol, I need your help. My PSP slim is hacked (before firmware 3.60) now 3.71 M33-2. I would like to play games of the memory stick. I set the PSP to M33 – no UMD. Still games won’t run. What could be the problem? I created an ISO folder in the PSP root. Any suggestions?

    • XpanD / Jan 15 2008

      Exactly what games are you trying to run?

      In the case of a PSP game, make sure the game is in the PSP/GAME/ map.

      In the case of a PS1 game, then the ISO map is the place to put it. However, with PS1 games, you’ll have to convert them the right way, or else they won’t start.
      I personally use Alcohol 120% for the ISO ripping from the PS1 CD, and Popstation GUI for the conversion, as they both work fine.

  54. Harry / Jan 15 2008

    Hi XpanD,

    Thanks for helping: I am trying to run .iso and .cso games that are saved on the memory stick. On this memory stick I have folders as: VIDEO, PSP, MUSIC etc. I created the ISO folder and put it in PSP or just in the root. In the ISO folder a game I copied (.iso or .cso). It doesn’t work. The PSP will give the message: ‘there are no games’.

    • Jimmy Munoz / Jan 19 2008

      What firmware are you on? In 3.80 M33 people are having problems with games because of Fat16 format or even using your computer to format the memory stick. If you are on 3.80 M33 do this….make a full copy of your memory stick (back it up, in other words) and go to “system settings” scrool over and select “Format memory stick”….when the PSP is done take your backup you made of your memory stick and apply it back on the memory stick…this should solve your problem AND save you the hassle of copying your data over file by file again. Write back tell me if this solved your problem =D

  55. Skins / Jan 16 2008

    Need help plz. 3.52m33-4 trying to go 3.71m33. downloaded 3.71m33 from dark alex and the firmware. followd intructions and it shows the update in my menu. when its started i get an error message as follows:”cannot open file 0x80010002″. I have tried to find answers on forums but no luck. Any help would be appreciated..THX!!

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 16 2008

      Did you place the 3.71 EBOOT into the folder too? Also you might want to try to install 3.80M33 since its out now, you might have more success with it.

      • Skins / Jan 16 2008

        Yes I put the firmware update in the folder and renamed to “371.pbp” per instructions. I also tried what you suggested and tried to put 3.80m33 on it….got the same message. I used Chilly Willys key repairer before tryin to install either one. I patched key 5 per his instructions.. could this possibly be the problem? I had no bad keys by the test results. I reinstalled 3.52m33 and upgraded to version 4 again with no problems. reormatted mem stick and flash 1…I don’t have a clue why its giving me an error message:(

        • Jimmy Munoz / Jan 19 2008

          skins why did you use ChillyWilly’s Keycleaner before trying the updates without it? That is the problem. Do your self a favor and make a magic memory stick and upgrade to 3.71 M33 directly. You DONT patch key 5 unless needed. When you use Chilly’s Keycleaner your messing with IDstorage. Ta-082/086 motherboards need key 5 patched others dont. DO THIS run Chilly’s Key Cleaner again and UNPATCH key 5 and run the 3.71 M33 update…your problem is solved.

        • Skins / Jan 22 2008

          Thx for writing back Jimmy. I used the key cleaner because I have a ta 86 motherboard. I read on a qj net forum that the key “5” needed to be patched before upgrading to 3.71m33…so that is what I did. It says in Chilly Willys directions that if you unpatch key “5” it will brick your psp. I am afraid to unpatch because I have no Pandoras battery to back up my psp. Please advise if I should unpatch the ta 86 motherboard.

        • Jimmy Munoz / Jan 22 2008

          YES definitely unpatch it. If it bricks (and it wont) you can send me your PSP and I will unbrick it for you free of charge….you just have to pay return shipping. Google Chilly Willy’s Key Cleaner and you will see I’m right….other people have had your SAME problem and when they unpatched…problem solved. Glad to have helped you. As usual you can reach me off of Karol’s homepage at jimmyemunoz (at) bellsouth (dot) net

  56. Jimmy Munoz / Jan 19 2008

    Hi all if you aren’t on custom firmware or 1.5 sony firmware you can not make a Pandora Battery or a magic memory stick! I have refrences and I downgrade all PSPs phat or slim to the newest most reliable firmware 3.71 M33-4 is better than 3.80 M33-4 because Sony screwed up the memory stick driver and there is lag in both ISO and CSO files…3.71 M33-4 doesn’t have this problem. If you want someone reliable to “mod” your PSP just write me at jimyemunoz (at) bellsouth (dot) net I charge a small fee. Way less than what you will pay for a Pandora Battery and magic memory stick combo off of ebay….those people are ripping people off!! I am so honest I even give out my own cell phone number….who does that? No one I’ll tell you. I will have your PSP in the mail the day after it arrives at my home. If you live in the New Orleans area you can stop by my home to have your PSP modded. Thanks everyone and Karol keep up the good work.

  57. BOB / Feb 9 2008

    ok guys i m newbie with the psp gadget i just bought it from 2 days and i thought it ll be zat easy to download games and just hook it on my memo stick but never it seems so complicated to do zat!!!so my ofw is 3.71 and i wannna hack it to 3.71 m33 in order to play iso and cso games but i m in egypt now and its hard to get any pandora’s battery and magic stick so theres anyway to do it with out the battery!!SO PLEASE I NEED ZA HELP OVERHERE!!!

    • Karol Krizka / Feb 9 2008

      There is no way to do it without Pandora’s Battery. You could try modding it yourself, there are many good tutorials online.

      • devils.advocate / Apr 8 2008

        eh im having torubles wit my psp an i dont kno what to do do u think u can help me?

  58. Harry / Feb 24 2008

    PSP operating slow. Somehow my PSP (3.71 M33-2) is running slow since yesterday. No idea what happened. I recharged the battery and even did reset to default. No change. Does anyone know what happened and how I can restore to normal speed. I am have troubles opening menus and movies/games do not run.

  59. Tom Kelly / Feb 26 2008

    I am just going around to various message boards to warn people that you have a MAJOR RIPPER participating in your forum. He has scammed many people on the MSN Game Backups Group and on Xbox scene. There are many Paypal and Mail fraud cases against him. In short do not send money or products to Jimmy E Munoz ( your own good. Any questions or proof needed-email me at Thank You!

  60. rob / Mar 3 2008

    dont buy anything from him hes bad news, if you have been ripped off then do what alot of people have done and emailed kenner police, mail fraud and disputed with paypal.

  61. rob / Mar 3 2008

    JIMMY MUNOZ is a ripper

    • Jimmy Munoz / Jun 10 2008

      This guy lives in England and if you e-mail him you will find out I hacked his PSP and got him set up with copies of PSP games he already owned so he could play them off his memory stick. He was never ripped off and either was Tom Kelly—–I refunded Tom his money and I have proof of it. As far as contacting the Kenner Police Department, that is a joke because I never spoke to any Police because of anything they have claimed. I have a fantastic ebay approval rate and I’ll let that speak for itself. I wrote Rob to let him know he needs to visit this page and clear up the confusion–hopefully you will see a rebudle to his initial statement on this website. AS ALWAYS I HACK EVERY PSP SLIM OR PHAT (ORIGINAL) FOR $20 DOLLARS WITH 10 DOLLARS FOR RETURN SHIPPING. I CAN BE REACHED AT JIMMYEMUNOZ@BELLSOUTH.NET AND I ACCEPT PAYPAL. I TELL PEOPLE TO USE PAYPAL BECAUSE IT PROTECTS US FROM BAD THINGS/PEOPLE =D CHEERS YA’LL!!

  62. lorenzo / Mar 21 2008

    i’ ve maded this but my psp now not read the games false ( with modify) excuse me for the language i’ m italian

  63. bildagger / Mar 26 2008

    im currently using a psp w/ firmware v 3.9. will it still be possible for me to download or use the custom firmware 3.71? please tell me how?

    • Karol Krizka / Mar 26 2008

      Yes, you can downgrade. But you will need to use a Pandora’s Battery.

  64. bildagger / Mar 26 2008

    im using an official fw v 3.9, do i still have to have a custom firmware or homebrew to play cso file games on my psp? if not, how can i play it?

  65. Adeel / Mar 28 2008

    Hi,I have psp with 3.71 simple version.How do i upgrade it to m33????

  66. jonah / Mar 29 2008

    hi i have ver 3.9 and no firmware
    i have it on my psp but when i load it it says game could not be started
    i need a pandoras battery right?
    how do i make or create one i dont want to break my battery its my brothers
    so how do i make a pandoras battery the easiest way im trying to get 3.9m33-2
    i dont want to take a risk cutting it open so i need an easier way but if thats the only way then please tell me how to do it

    thats all i will need to know

    thanks karl i need your help bigtime!

  67. ishan / Apr 3 2008

    hi!! i hav 3.90 m33.. now what to do .. are there any extensions for this versions

  68. bengreen / Apr 4 2008

    I have 3.52 M33-4 and when i go to upgrade to 3.71, it says that i need “3.52M33-3 or higher” !!!

    • bengreen / Aug 10 2008

      LOL, i’m much smarter now. All this is behind me now. Now i’m busy with PSX Etc.

  69. Jesus / Apr 19 2008

    I put the 150.pbp file in the root but when i try to apply the 1.50 update it says that it is not in the root.

  70. evan / May 17 2008

    hey i got a fat psp 3.71 and i did it holding r and it didnt do a thing what do i do help!!!!!!!

  71. ryan beegal / May 30 2008

    will the custome firmwear update work on psp version 3.95????

  72. Jimmy Munoz / Jun 10 2008

    To all people who need a Pandora Battery to hack your PSP just email me at and I’ll take care of the hard work for you for just $20 dollars and of course $10 dollars for return shipping (anywhere in the continental 48 states—Alaska and HAwaii cost more for return shipping). If you live in the Southeast Louisiana area I will flash your PSP at my home while you wait. E-mail me to set up an appointment.

  73. robin walker / Jun 12 2008

    Jimmy Munoz (bootyhuntah) Is not a ripper as mentioned earlier, recieved my psp in tip top working order with many extras and a few extra games chucked in aswell. I was lead to believe he was a ripper from others who were experienceing same problem as me at that moment in time but his reason for not responding and sending the goods turned out to be very genuine. Many appologese for the negative feedback jimmy hope we can do business again soon

  74. watie / Jun 14 2008

    i have 3.90 and i downloaded the 3.71 m33-2 and it says “the game could not be started. (80020148) is there any software that can downgrade my psp? Because im sure as hell not taking apart my battery. any suggestions????!?!?

    • Karol Krizka / Jun 14 2008

      The last time I checked, Pandora’s battery was the only way you can downgrade.

  75. Cloner / Jun 14 2008

    I have the same problem i cant take apart my battery cause my grandma wont let me, is there any one who can help us plz?

  76. Roger / Jun 18 2008

    DO you know a solution for those who have firmware 3.95??? (instead of dumping it…)

  77. Pankaj / Jun 24 2008

    I downloaded a PSP 3.93 custom firmware, now while trying to run the application form games/mem Stick, it is giving me the message game can not be started, Please help me out

  78. aj / Aug 9 2008

    hey dude
    i havent got very far cos i realised it wont let me install 3.71 M33 cos i already got 3.71 what should i do?
    (i dont want to downgrade)
    also can you do this on a normal battery?
    thnx reply soon! =]

  79. AC / Aug 12 2008

    Hi I have the same problem as AJ (above poster) but I would like to know if i could even downgrade 3.71 to whatever version?


  80. aiyce / Aug 22 2008

    i have a firmware of 4.05 and i downt want to downgrade it with the pandora battery. do i just wait for a M33 to come out for the 4.05? or do i hhaaaavvvveee to downgrade it.

  81. simmp / Aug 30 2008

    Hey y’all. I am a total noob to this hole mod/flash/downgrader stuff. I have an org fat psp-1001 with FW v3.95 and on the inside of the UMD drive I do see IC1003 on the motherboard. I have read most of the guides but still confused by them. Please help…

  82. sakutaku66 / Aug 31 2008

    hey karol,

    i just recently followed your simple but amazing tutorial on updating to 3.52.
    I saw this 3.71 so i tried to update again but then when i tried to run the UPDATE, it said “3.52 required to update” which confuses me because i DO have 3.52 and my system information also says that.

  83. mario / Sep 13 2008

    I trie to do this but my fiemware is 4.05 and i triend to install the 3.71 M33 and my psp says ” your version is 4.05 no update is nessesary”. so i skip that part and went to the next sted and tried to istall the 1.50 Homebrew Support For the PSP and it say “the game could not be started. (80020148)” what do i do? plizz help.

  84. CheeyuSin / Oct 1 2008

    Whoa freakng sweet =D thanks

  85. HulKHolton / Oct 4 2008

    I modded my PSP and now the buttons won’t work in the XMB menu of the PSP, but the buttons will work in games. When I go into M33 recovery menu and select the “use VshMenu” and I disable it the buttons will work in the menus but the games will start up but then the screen will go black after a few seconds.

    • 58998se / Jan 14 2009

      ok i had the same problem heres what i did. i went under the m33 recovery: disable the “VshMenu” and change umd mode to “Sony NP9660 -NO UMD” or your prefrence

  86. stephen / Oct 14 2008

    Iv got a psp slim silver with version 4.95 on it how do i get a CFW on it and is there evan one for it i wann ply downloaded games but have know idea how 2 do it i dont think u can. would really like some help plz

  87. stephen / Oct 14 2008

    got a psp slim with 3.95 on it wanna know what i can do to play downlaoded games on it?

  88. Kyle Liong / Oct 27 2008

    umm Karol mine it says error 000000006(not sure how many zeros) idsystem degeneration plz help

  89. newcomer / Nov 5 2008

    Hello…I have just bought PSP slim red in color for my son….has version 5.0…how can i install custom version on that? I checked some blogs but the requirement is that the psp needs to have 4.x customer version. Any help is appreciated. thanks

  90. Kiddyl / Nov 11 2008

    Thanks Karol.
    This guide is definitely great for noobie like myself trying to upgrade the versions.
    I have upgraded from 3.40OE to 3.52 and subsequent to 3.71 M33 with ease, of which all credit must go to you for creating this easy to follow, step by step guide.
    Kudos to you!!

  91. Rockstar14sg / Nov 28 2008

    Ok this is my first time trying to get custom firmware for my psp, so i still have sony’s firmware-but i can’t figure out how to get custom firmware, because every custom firmware i find is just an update for the last one. Can Somebody Help Me??

  92. Tap / Mar 30 2009

    Hey, sorry to bring up old forums but. I just wanted to know what you meant by “root of the ps..”. im kinda doing a trial-and-error by choosing different file locations at a time. Also i wanted to know if the “gba” files work on the emulataor?

    Please get back to me when you can. Thanks.

    • Karol Krizka / Apr 10 2009

      The root is the top level folder of your memory stick. On Windows, just open the drive letter corresponding to the memory stick, and you are at the root.

      As for GBA files, I have no idea. I never played any GBA games on my PSP.

  93. fandi / May 27 2009

    i’ve updated my psp to 3.71 M33 from other site n update the 1.50 homebrew support from your site. it worked well, thanks.
    i also installed the custom firmware extender 1.6 but why is it stated firmware extender 1.5?
    now my psp has been updated to 3.71 M33-4.

  94. bluemontoya / Nov 22 2009

    Just got a brand new Sony Psp last week and I’m looking to Install a Custom Firmware, not really sure which version to look for.

  95. shkk / Dec 21 2009

    how can i downgrade my psp versoin 6.20 to lower versoin so i can play my downloaded games ????? pls help

  96. Zambrotta / Dec 31 2009

    Hello can anybody help me?? pleaseee …cos my psp fat with software version 3.71 m33-2 cannot play Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising as well as tekken 6

  97. Karol Krizka / Dec 31 2009

    If it is a newer game, you might need to upgrade your firmware to whatever is the latest. I think the current custom firmware is called HEN.

  98. DAX / Jan 9 2010

    PSP saying game could not be started when I press X on PSP Update ver 3.71.

  99. marina / Jan 22 2010

    I can not find the UPDATE folder (found in PSP/GAME folder in the installation package) if some one could help me out please

  100. kam0 / Mar 9 2010

    i did everything exactly as shown bt when i go to run the application my screen just stays black HELP PLZ!!

  101. jonah / Apr 2 2010

    hey dude um im new to the whole cfw thing and i realy need help making my psp cfw on 5.00 m33 my psp ofw is 2.81

  102. mayong / Apr 4 2010

    Guys, I’m 3.52 M33-4 version already.
    But whenever I run the 3.71 M33 update I encounter below error message:
    “This program requires 3.52 M33-3 or higher”
    Can somebody advise me how to go around with this.
    I’m using the fat psp.. thanks

  103. Fadi / May 14 2010

    i dont get it

  104. Fadi / May 14 2010

    i dont get how to enable flash player

  105. lee / Aug 10 2010

    how do i navigate to the games section of the xmb someone pleaze pleaze tell me

    • go / Aug 22 2010

      Just go to the right on your xmb

  106. MisterSIR / Oct 6 2010

    yeah its normal, 3.71 killed my psp and i cant get it to work now, any advice, it has bricked itself, the screen comes on blank, (black screen)

  107. KENTOY / Oct 1 2007

    Nice post Karol!

    Keep up the good work. Greetings here from the Philipines.


  108. Choc stain / Nov 9 2007

    Ok right now i used your other guide for upgrading to 3.52 m33-4 from 3.03 oe-c it worked and im using this guide to upgrade to 3.71 m33-2 and i just ran the update version 3.71 and i just have a black screen. It hasn’t done anything for a couple of minutes. Is my psp bricked or what. Is this normal??

  109. Choc stain / Nov 9 2007

    Also I have corrupted data with the updater is that normal too????????????
    Plz get back to my A.S.A.P. Thank-you.

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