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Oct 1 / kkrizka

Welcome WidgetBucks

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!I have just added a new type of advertising to this blog in order to replace BidVertiser, which was not generating any revenue. The advertiser that I am using is new to the scene, and is called WidgetBucks. They display banners, and the other standard ad units, but they have one difference. They display products that are for sale on other sites depending on the criteria you specify. However they also let you choose a “content based” option, which means that they have a spider that will crawl through your page and determine the best ads to be displayed based on the content. Another advantage of this program is that it’s pay per click based, so you do not have to sell an actual item to get commission. Most people might just click the item if they are interested in it, but do not wish to buy it right away. The final advantage of the program is that they will deposit $25 in the account of all new publishers. This means that you are already halfway to meeting your payout goal! If you haven’t already, I suggest signing up right away! I am going to be running the ads right underneath the blog post, and in the downloads section. So be sure to check them out!

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