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Oct 1 / kkrizka

Where do I put ISO files on 3.71 M33?

While looking over the statistics on my blog, I noticed the following search query was used to reach my blog: “where do i put iso files on my 3.71 m33?” I have not answered that question yet on this blog, so it might be a good idea to do it now. If you have backed-up any of your PSP games as ISOs, you can run them on any custom firmware. Just place the said ISO into the ISO/ folder in the root of your PSP memory stick, and then launch it from the memory stick section of the Applications tab on your PSP. This goes for all PSP CFW versions, including 3.71 M33.

You can also compress the ISO file using tools like CIsoPlus! for Linux or Windows. This tool can compress ISO up to 60%. After you have compressed the ISO, make sure it has a .cso file extension and pacle it also in the ISO folder.

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