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Oct 2 / kkrizka

3.71 M33-2 on PSP Slim

I have posted a guide about installing 3.71 M33 on your fat PSP, but it did not work on the new slim PSPs. However several sites are reporting that it is possible to install Dark_Alex‘s latest update (M33-2) on your slim PSPs. This update does not bring any major new features or bug fixes over 3.71 M33, so there is no urgency in installing it if you have followed my guide (which will be updated shortly).

But you be the judge of it, the following is a list of changes found in the new release:

  • There was a bug that caused corruption when writing files of more than 32256 bytes using usb flash.
  • Programs at /PSP/GAME/UPDATE will always be executed on 3.71 kernel, despite configuration.
  • VSH menu will not be executed when onscreen keyboard is active, to avoid the lost of the select button function in the keyboard.
    • An option to reset the psp has been added
    • VSH plugins are not longer executed anymore in recovery mode
  • PSP Slim
    • a functionality to let the charge of battery when connecting a usb cable has been added. (disabled by default)
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