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Oct 2 / kkrizka

Konqueror And AdBlock

Earlier I mentioned that I use AdBlock on one of my browser, but I never mentioned which. I use it with Konqueror, the KDE browser, because it is the default KDE browser so most links open in it. Also it’s debugging functionality isn’t as great as compared to Firefox, so I use Firefox for web development. This means I need to see ads, so I can see how they look in my layouts.

The extension, which comes by default with Konqueror, but it does not come with any filtering rules. Moreever creating them is a bit of a hassle, there is just too many possible URL combinations for ads. Luckily Filter.G, the collection of filter rules for Firefox, is also compatible with Konqueror. Just follow these simple steps to import the filters.

  1. Download the latest set from the official repository. (Direct Link: 2007-02-02a Filter Set Mirror)
  2. Start Konqueror and open the configurations dialog via Settings->Configure Konqueror
  3. Select the AdBlock Filters tab
  4. Make sure Enable filters and Hide filtered images is checked
  5. Click the Import button located in the lower right of the window
  6. Enter the location of the downloaded filter set
  7. Visit a webpage with a lot of ads!


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  1. Hamos / Oct 7 2007

    Don’t forget to add this this to AdBlock:*

    If people block advertising, they’ll likely block all advertising rather then just some. If you’re reading this – hooray for no censorship!

    • chevko / Oct 7 2007

      Haha… I was thinking the same thing :-)

  2. TV Online / Oct 7 2007

    Can’t that filterset apply to all versions for firefox?

  3. Ubuntu Fans / Oct 7 2007

    I’m a big fan of linux and this tips will improve my Internet surfing experience when I use Konqueror. Normally I use Firefox only. Thanks for sharing

  4. j wells / Oct 7 2007

    Dang, I’ve been doing this since adblock was added to konqueror.

  5. Simon / Oct 7 2007

    I recommend blocking all those other domains that slow down loading of web pages, not just adverts. For example,,, and so on.

  6. bruce / Oct 7 2007

    Using adblock is not going to eventually cripple the internet. The ones who install and use adblock are the ones who never click on an ad!

    Have you seriously ever tried to punch that stupid monkey, or clicked ‘Clean My System’ on some ugly red and yellow dialog box?? If you did, you were likely fairly new to the net.

    Ads make money from new people. That’s why so many are designed to fool people. I certainly don’t consider it bad to block misleading ads.

    I will occasionally click ads on Google, because they are actually relevant to what I’m looking for.

  7. Alex / Oct 7 2007


    This article has very useful information, it will be helpful for many. Actually one of my friends first read this article and asked me to visit this page.
    It’s really amazing to read this description of this article. Thank you so much for your help and for your efforts.


  8. Markon / Mar 30 2008

    I’ve noticed you have added some ads in your post. It’s a sort of paradox: you promote “AdBlock” and its related, but at the same time you’ve added ads in your site. If all the people used adblock, would you be paid from google/other websites?


  9. E Autio / Oct 31 2009

    The adblock filter link does not seem to work any longer ( I try this from Konqueror. Or is it just me?

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